Apr 6, 2010

Let's Deflate the Ballon called 3 Idiots!

Ok..after 10 days and nearly 200 crores, some pertinent points about the supposed film of the year '09.
Copy 80% of a blockbuster novel, induce some changes according to the cinematic needs and call the 'script' original. claim that the similarity is hardly 2-3%. and most funnily forget about putting the original author's name in the 'script written by' category. yeah ofc u have PAID chetan bhagat to forget that this is 'his' story!
I wish getting a job/internship wud hav been as easy as posting a letter to ur fav photographer and straightaway heading for amazon forests..huh! Poor Madhvan aka Farhan...I wish one could go and blurb out all silly things in front of ur interviewer, that too sitting in a wheel chair..n still get selected!...Kudos Sharman aka Raju..n most amazingly u enter a reputed engg coll on a fake funny name n ID...u turn out to be a bloody genius..top the entire college..become an eye candy for one n all...n u vanish one day...huh!!...den again u reappear wid a funnier name and strange machines all around..only a PERFECTIONIST LIKE AAMIR could have managed it..
3 idiots is a GOOD film with nobel intentions(points for Mr. Hirani)...with glaring loopholes in the rephrased storyline..it remains Hirani's weakest work..(Munnabhai 1 n 2 being superlative in all respects!)...but one cant take away the credit frm Hirani for putting across some memorable scenes(the balatkar speech n delivery sequence.)..surely work of a genius!.. but,Some films are made to be given 5 star ratings by cynical critics(thanks to the useless hype surrounding it!)..which force cynics like me to do a postmortem of a other wise GOOD film..these ppl simply drift along the wave, wish to clap their hands without knwing what the occasion is..
n ofc AAMIR is a fine actor...grt performance by him..as well as the entire cast..but certainly nt all is well with the film..
i ll go with *** out of 5 stars...GOOD rating!
(plz keep emotions aside while commenting!)