Apr 6, 2011

Cup of Joy: An Alternate Reality

April 2, 2011 must be feeling like an over-milked cow. The day was anticipated, much before its eventual arrival, thanks to the media frenzy and those 'Kings of Cricket' sitting, high and handsome, in the studios. When the fateful day finally arrived, the world seemed to have come to a halt. India and Indians were singing, dancing and hugging each other, from Bhagalpur to Birmimgham. It was perhaps the most emotional moment for Modern India.

But is this triumph only about painted faces, hoarse voices and SMS rhetoric? Does a World Cup victory stand prominent only because it happened after 28 years? Mauling the Lankans, Taming the Aussies and overcoming the Pakistanis, is that all what we sought? Perhaps not.

  • The World Cup victory confirms, once again, that cricket is the greatest binding force in this country. Two of its nearest rivals, politics and cinema, seem to be fading away in comparison. While politicos are getting neck-deep in dirt day by day, cinema seems to be developing and defining its own varied target audience. The universal appeal seems to have waned from films, barring a few like Dabangg. However, cricket seems to be nullifying the 'niche' phenomenon. I, myself, do not remember how may people hugged me and did a high-five at India Gate on that fateful night.
  • This triumph comes as a relief for the common Indian man, who was reeling under a series of shocking scams, raging inflation and a certain degree of gloominess. This victory makes us believe that we have finally arrived, and are a force to reckon with. We have always been there and thereabout, talent sans finesse, roads sans destinations; this win is set to change all that. India has always craved for idols, those inspirational figures or role models, this world cup gifted us a squad of heroes.
  • The proceedings at the world cup final also confirm the notion that life is never perfectThe only perfect thing in this world is the word 'perfect' itself. Sachin Tendulkar realized his dream of kissing that coveted trophy but could not notch-up that 100th ton in the final. The cake was there to relish, but the cherry on the top was missing. MS Dhoni scored a brilliant 91 not out, Gambhir scored most vital 97 runs of his career, but their names would never feature in that list of century makers in a world cup final. Life gives us a lot of happiness, but attaches a small little moral at the end. We, as individuals, and Team India, as a cricketing side, have a lot to achieve in life. Sachin Tendulkar, perhaps, did the right thing by not retiring from ODIs.
  • According to me, this historic victory carried a very significant message 'for the youth and from the youth'. The sight of a Virat Kohli handing over the 'stump' to Sachin and showering praises on him in the post match interview, was truly exceptional. Young Indians are non-conventional, like to freak out, break a few rules, but are sensitive and responsible when the situation demands. So, Yuvarj Singh is not only a part hopper, he also happens to be Man of the Tournament in the cricket world cup 2011. MS Dhoni not only can sport long locks, but can also shave off his hair to fulfill a religious vow. This is a tempting blend of modernity and tradition, and in this very blend, rests India's future recipe. 
  • This world cup also proves that victory is the prerogative of a certain breed only. The victor must have control over his words, mannerisms and behavior. MS Dhoni fits this bill perfectly, while someone like a Shahid Afridi comes across as a complaining kid. His outburst against India, after arriving in Pakistan, was not at all outrageous. Rather it was extremely funny and makes me pity the atmosphere of fear and insecurity in Pakistan. It was a last ditch effort by the captain to retain his post, after being trounced by India in the semis.

A Dream Come True


P.S.: The writer thinks that having evening tea in that 'cup' is a more fulfilling experience now.


  1. wow! I loved it. Fro the start till the end. Amazing.

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  4. Careful, Mature and Nurtured Insight.. I learn a lot from you, Bro.. Thanks :) ;)
    And of course, Marvellously written, or rather, painted.. :)

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