Jul 26, 2014

'Kick' Review: Watch it (Only) for Some Moments of Madness

Let me put out a disclaimer first up. Before catching the midnight show of Kick, I coincidentally watched Salman Khan's 1999 hit Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam on TV. This review may, therefore, be a little biased in favor of Khan, whom I absolutely adored in the aforementioned SLB film.

There is little doubt that there used to be a good Salman Khan, all throughout the 90s and at least through the first half of the first decade of the new millennium. And then, he was hit by a formula that worked - formula of remaking action-comedies from down south. The dividends gained were super rich, superstardom achieved in the process was almost Rajnikanth-like. It is in this context that Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and several other films of the 90s make you miss the real Salman Khan. Anyways, lets not take anything away from the new-age, muscle-flexing, bone-cracking, train-stopping bhaijaan who has now become a legend in his own right.

So, does Kick carry forward the new-found larger than life image of Salman Khan? Oh yes, it does and in fact goes the extra mile in mystifying the superhero Khan image who can do anything and everything possible on earth. Okay, not just on the earth but the entire universe. So, you have comic strips of the 'Kick Puttar' writing with both of his hands, working on a laptop upside down, riding a bicycle on rooftop railing, and doing much more that only possibly son of Jaadu can do.

Kick celebrates the legend, and the life and times of Salman Khan. Every single frame and scene of the film worships the superpowers of Khan without formally proclaiming him as God's messenger. All of this mad fixation and obsession with Khan would have made for a delightful cinema experience; after all we have whistled in the past for Chronicles of Bachchan and Rajnikanth; if only the makers of this film would have settled for a bit of method in their madness.

The writing and editing of the film is pedestrian, almost cringe-worthy. There are so many unanswered questions at the end of the film that you will not bother to remember them. And yes, you will wonder how can writers (Rajat Arora, Chetan Bhagat, Keith Gomes and Sajid Nadiadwala- who also happens to be the unworthy director) take your wisdom for granted and offer you such a substandard product in the age when every film is scrutinized with the precision of a hawk's eye. Also, in its zest of showing more and more of Bhaigiri the film is somewhat never-ending. It goes on and on without caring for your aching brain and back.

But nonetheless, in between the nearly three-hour long 'test of patience', there are some genuine moments of madness. Some scenes that make you realize that Salman is a born entertainer and if given an opportunity, he can actually make you laugh like a hyena. Special mention should be made for his hilarious yet effortless dance moves on 'Saat Samandar' and 'Party All Night'. There is also a scene where Salman lands up in jail and enacts a laugh riot with the inimitable Sanjay Mishra as the inspector-in-charge. But rest assured, these moments are rare and few, and you will need to really wait for them. And when these moments come, make sure you grab them with both your hands and feet.

There is no need for you to bother about the story, the plot or the climax, because there is hardly any. Randeep Hooda is efficient as the super cop, Jacqueline Fernandez looks pretty and gets substantial screen time, given that it is a Salman Khan film. Nawazuddin Siddiqui tries hard to come across as a menacing villain, but ends up tickling your funny bones instead.

All in all, Kick will give you a kick if you are ready to wait and have patience. And also, if you are ready to make the most of the 'moments of madness'.

Okay, at the end of the film, you will also wonder if you have adjusted your patience and acceptance levels (with regards to a Bollywood film) in the last few months/years. Or if now, you expect the least from Salman Khan these days. Go, take your Eidee and also think a little.

Rating: **1/2 (Average)

Jul 22, 2014

The Stupid Naught

She stood there
Pushing her point like ever before
I looked at her, eyes wide open
She looked at the ceiling and the door

We had been together all along
Like a road is with its traveler
But a road has a few roadblocks
Oh yes, love is a great leveler

Today as the guns blazed
I noticed a bit of a difference
A piece of gem shone in front
Filling me with joy and reverence

I think she smiled from her heart
And it truly reflected on her face
It wasn't the first, but first of its kind
The kind that holds a special place

Don't know if she knows it
But every time we have loved or fought
It's her smile that has made the difference
She goes one up, and I'm stuck at the stupid naught.

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Jul 16, 2014

ग़म, सुकून, फ़िक्र और तस्सल्ली


ग़म में डूबे कई मर्तबा हमने सोचा
दिल-ए-दरिया में उफान है या हमें तैरना नहीं आता
उम्दा ये जवाब मिला, "ठहरे हुए पानी में बहा करते हैं,
तैराकी की बारीकियां अक्सर उफान ही सिखाता है"


निज़ात पाना अगर सुकून होता
तो हर शाम लोग दीये जलाया करते
कोई वजह होगी जो हर रोज़ जंग जीतने वाले भी
दिवाली की  राह देखते हैं। 


थाम कर मेरा हाथ वो मुस्कुराई और बोली 
हमारे प्यार की उम्र बहुत लम्बी है 
हमने कहा ये हुई दिन, साल,  महीनों की बात
अब हाथ के हाथ हमें फिक्र की फ़ेहरिस्त भी बता दीजिए


जान लेकर भी उन्हें नहीं मिलती 
और हम जान देकर भी देख चुके 
ताज़्ज़ुब इस बात  पर है 
आज भी एक नज़र काफी है तस्सली के लिए। 

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Jul 7, 2014


It fuels the fire,
Fire that burns your inside.
Inside a shop when asked to throw it,
It hurts to dump your favorite cigarette.

She walked far away,
Away when you needed her close by.
By now, when the dust has set over,
Over and over again, you miss her shine.

Love has bitten you more,
More than making you shy.
Shy of the pain it leaves behind,
Behind it all, you still sense some love.

A few things go wrong at times,
Times when you think you are done.
Done with the burning, the snub, the pain
Pain that runs from head to toe via heart.

But your cigarette, your girl, your love,
Love them a little more come what may.
May you learn to relish while you burn,
Burn because you'll shine, unlike the Ashes.
(Ashes that are dead, lusterless and gray.)