Jun 21, 2011

The Sea and the Telephone

Remember, that walk in lush green ground
The moon above and the glittery surround
How every foot-tap made you wonder
Has anyone seen us dancing to tunes of destiny

How easily together we got things done
Sunshine in a rainy night or shade in the scorching sun
Now that you are not here, the sun burns bright
The wind does not blow, sky is torn by strife

Distances can never keep our feelings apart
What if not together, we’ll make a new start
Because love is incomplete without a stringent test
This too shall pass with a bit of agony and some jest

When you are sad, feeling lonely in the big bad city
Go to the sea-shore, find peace and me in the vicinity
Make a palace of sand and decorate it with pebbles
We will be kings and queens of those famed fables

After the sea calms down, drowning the orange sun,
I will wait near that old Beetel telephone.
The tring-tring sounds like a orchestral melody,
And red blinker resembles a star that has always shone.

The days of separation won't last long
Our love would have its final swansong
Whenever your heart beats faster or you are alone
Find me somewhere near the sea and the telephone.


  1. beautiful.. made me numb for a while, pure and penned like a painting

  2. i like the way you say 'it' .............:D b'ful one ....love it totally...:D

  3. :)






    My expressions after each para! Very nicely written Ashish. Each line was screaming you feelings! :)

  4. Thanks Ram..Not sure that it was so good :O Thanks anyway :D

  5. NIce to have you here Harsh..:) I am very happy that u liked it ! Thanks Bro :D

  6. @naman: Thank You. Smiles Mean a Lot :)

  7. This is beautiful Ashish....I wish I could express what exactly I was feeling while reading it...what do you cal an emotion where u smile wid a small drop of tear in your eyes? I dun kw wat ws der that hooked me...but I loved it so vry much!

  8. Thanks a lot Mansi..:) I am elated, cant tell how much..:D I just had the similar emotion while writing it..Thank U again..Thanks a ton :D:D

  9. :( :'( :'( :'(

    i will miss u a lot too! :/ plz cum soon to meet me and keep cumin again n again! i m actually scared but this poem gives me strength n faith to further build my dreams! thank u so much!
    i love u ashish....!!! :)

    bou the poem, its juz so beautiful.....smtyms i really wonder what ol hv u stored in ur heart and never ever shared!!!
    muah! :)

  10. I am mystery soumya ;):D..I will come again and again to meet u..rest assured..:) <3

  11. Sanjivani SharmaJune 23, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    Ashish Anant you are blessed.. There's nothing more I could ask for from this piece, A very strong emotion dipped in exceptionally beautiful words.. And the most amazing thing being that even though the emotion is entirely yours yet almost everyone and anyone can relate to it in some or the other way. Thats the beauty of this poem.I am touched! Stay blessed both o you! love! :)

  12. Hey Sanjivani, I am very glad that u read a blog post finally..:P and liked it :D Thank You so much for the generous praise and yes, may love triumph always and forever :):D

  13. Very much relatable...loved the insight.

  14. very nice , interesting and awesome .....:)

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