Oct 23, 2011

Ra.One: Needle for Naysayers

First, the fact that an 'intellectual' minority is aggrieved and agitated by the thunderous promotional spree that Ra.One is currently on, ascertains that the film and its makers are moving in the right direction. Promotions, after all, are not just to woo your core target audience and the concurring lines surrounding them, but also to shock, infuriate and startle those 'select few' who would never wish you good luck, come what may. These 'critics' (the term has lost all its dignity off late) are not just pessimists, sadists and frustrated but are also driven by a biased notion that has no rational foundation. They see a film through a prism of prejudice and presumption. Presumption that they have the right to discard and disintegrate someone's hard work, devotion and dream. So, going by the kind of uneasiness film's trailers and its massive promotions has created amongst the 'cynics', Ra.One is well on its course to hop on a sky-penetrating rocket, this Diwali.

Second, charming, hard working and successful men have always aroused strong emotions of jealously and hatred amongst others. Shah Rukh Khan, apart from all the above mentioned qualities, also possesses a very sharp tongue and a brilliant mind. This makes him a thorn in flesh for those who can not withstand dazzle of a star or shine of a diamond. When the otherwise subtle Aamir Khan went into promotional overdrive for his films Ghajini and Three Idiots, it was termed as the 'stroke of a genius'. But, when SRK, the father of all promotions and marketing extravaganza, promotes Ra.One, it's being called a gimmick. Why the cynics forget that Aamir's promotional drive was inspired, if not imitated, from Shah Rukh Khan School of Economics? When an Aamir can cut hair in salon, travel across India in disguise, why can't SRK visit major cities for promotion, or launch a happy meal at McDonald's?

It is ridiculous how quickly the naysayers change their colors. I wonder, they would beat chameleons, if a 3C ('Color Changing Competition) was ever held in this world. For them, Ra.One's first teaser (April) was 'naive' and way too ambitious for someone like SRK. They stayed up whole night google-ing similarities between Ra.One and superhero flicks from West. Their response to Chammak Challo (the leaked version) was cautious. They could not quash the efforts of a well-known international singer. According to them, it was 'OK', but they again blamed Khan for leaking the music on the net!

From the first one-minute teaser to the recent post-Dusshera trailer, the reactions of naysayers have changed from 'Ra.One-is-going-to-be-biggest-disaster-ever' types to 'Special-Effects-look-good-and-anyways-its-Hindi-cinema-which-will-benefit-in-the-longer-run' . Why do cynics always jump to conclusions? Why can not they give a chance to someone who has invested his soul in some project? Every moviegoer reserves the right to love/hate Ra.One post its release. But to deride a film and efforts of an actor, well before its display, smacks of jealousy. Or lets say, it indicates how resentfully or painfully they are desirous of someone's advantages and gains.

Ok, let's not waste more words on naysayers. I will just drop some hints/identifications, that would help you recognize such creatures and beware of them. Because, cinema, after all, demands your reactions, and your reactions must be free of influences.

  • These people would, in all probability, experience orgasms while watching an Aamir Khan film.
  • Their reaction to Salman Khan's Dabangg or Bodyguard would be 'he is like this only, what else do you expect?' or 'he is a mass entertainer who makes masala films'. They would not criticize Salman's filmography, come what may. (They fear rebuttal from massive fan following of the muscular Khan)
  • Psuedo-intellectuals that they are, they would only appreciate Shah Rukh Khan's Swades or may be 'kabhi haan Kabhi Naa'.
  • They would tell you not to trust film critics. They will give you their numbers. 'Call me before going for a movie.'
  • They will comfortably shuffle between critical and commercial aspects of a film to determine its success. The shuffle is entirely their discretion, so collections are relevant for '3 Idiots' or even 'Bodyguard' but not for 'Om Shanti Om'.
  • They will have no concrete reason to hate Shah Rukh Khan, but still they will hate him. They find it 'cool'. 
  • If they will fall short of logic while debating about SRK, they will mention Karan Johar.
  • These people would watch K3G, DDLJ, RNBDJ on weekends but never admit it.
  • And lastly, if you manage to win over them and force them to admit all the above mentioned 'traits', they would switch to Hollywood. Sigh.
Films and actors are not just about fans and non-fans. There must be a line that separates criticism from cynicism , dislike from grudge and lies from truth. Ra.One may or may not be a great film. But decide only after you watch it. Be honest to those 200 odd bucks that you spend, to that 70 mm screen that you so often look up to and to that 45-year old man who has been entertaining you for the last 2 decades.

P.S.: This is neither a 'Hate Post' nor a 'Fan Post'. I call it the 'Needle Post'. Needle for the Naysayers.


  1. lol...ur first post i read today...i must admit its a gud one...infact awesome..the points u mentioned...were totally right...10/10 man..will read more in future...n will share it :)---Mukul ( Moldy )

  2. Thanks Mukul. :) I am glad you liked it! Hope to see you around more often :D

  3. Zabardast! Ashish Anant! You've surpassed everything today.


  4. Lovely article. Brilliantly written. People find ways to bash SRK. They'll lap anything and everything Aamir Khan gives them. Salman Khan's brainless movies are ok because he is Salman but SRK's commercial movies are idiotic? Shameless hypocrisy it is.
    Aamir Khan goes on a nation-wide promotional campaign appearing everywhere. That's cool because he is an intellectual. SRK does it. He's overdoing it?

  5. Hey thank you so much. Exactly my thoughts. Would like to know the anonymous though :)

  6. Read your first post. And what an amazing read it was! i noticed the same and ur article echoed my thoughts.
    Can't understand why there is so much hatred and cynicism againsr SRK..!
    Looking forward to other articles!

  7. thanks shray :)) glad u liked the post!

  8. ..damn those dumhead.. nonsensical brains..

    I have always looked up to SRK as some "assurance" that even i can touch the sky..he truly is "THE GREAT INDIAN DREAM"

    ..i share the cent-percent message of this post with you, very timely written, honest and authenticated

  9. The Great Indian Dream..apt way to summarize him..:) thank u Ram :)