Jan 17, 2012


Kissing the sun in a clear blue sky
Was an experience unmatched, I thought
Riding the wings of a flying bird
And the euphoric sense it brought

High and mighty, I covered miles
Bathing in the scoffing rains
Jittery wind hummed victory songs
As I crisscrossed the celestial lanes

The world below seemed so measly
As I ruffled my feathers of pride
Flying high on the wave of success
Forgot to take the string in stride

A forceful surge is all it took
For the string to tremble and break
Nosediving to kiss the earthen lips
I resembled a shambling wreck

High of highs and thrill of peak
At best last some days and nights
But to sail in air and avoid a fall
We need to learn from Kites


  1. Bhai dedh saal se comment kar raha hun. Saare shabd khatam ho chuke hain. :P

    I can only say, you are a true writer, Ashish. You'll soon master all forms of writings. Marvelous piece of poetry! :)

  2. hahaha. Thanks Lebnox. You are very kind :)

  3. Read you after many days, read something 'Good' after many days. :)

  4. Hey Prateek! Thanks a lot:) Nice to see you back here!

  5. Ahhh...this was refreshing...I like the way you frame sentences with scattered words! And ohh...this was inspiring too!!:)
    Keep blogging!:)