Feb 25, 2015

Rolling Stone (End of October)

When it's neither warm nor so cold,
And there is a little nip and zing in the air.
You badly wanted the month to arrive,
But you never really got its share.

It turned all bleak way too soon,
There was hardly any good to remember.
As fears crept in and joys walloped out,
You knew it was the start of November.

October dreams never saw daylight,
And August wishes died too soon.
The sun hasn't really shone since then,
And there're tears in eyes of the moon.

Soon, the leaves went dry
And the feet followed suit
The color of the sky had a new tone.
As the days got colder and the nights more dark,
I realized I was nothing but a Rolling Stone.

Courtesy: Google/Deviantart.com

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