Apr 24, 2011


An old wooden bench, Fall and us
Parched leaves kiss your tender feet
You give me that 'Someone-will-see' look
I clarify my position and you fall in love
With the way I explain the unexplainable
I am the orator

We walk past the drowsy roads
Pavements glare at us with their eyes wide open
You look for directions, heart dancing on your sleeves
I show you the way, always taking a longer route
I am the sailor

As stars stand in line to get the Sky Ticket
You recline by my side, hair tied to form a beehive
I give you a carefree caress, shoulder to rely upon
You sleep amid the stars and I put vigil all night long
I am the soldier

Dawn is yawing at the doors and you are still fast asleep
Picking your favorite lipstick, I paint Good Morning
Drawing a sun around your naval
And you rise like a torpid devotional song
I am the painter

You see a new me each day
By your side, to make you happy, to amuse you
There have been many before and are bound to be more
But lovers of my kind are very few, because
I am Convertible


  1. awesome...speechless...superlike !!:D :D

    ps: you are YOU ..amazing :)

  2. Thanks Purwa..:) Was skeptical initially but your response gave me wings..I am very glad that u liked it..:)

    P.S. I like 'you' in Caps :D!

  3. Lovely play of words and feelings!
    Absolutely beautiful, Ashish! you are a storehouse of talent..i am amazed at the effortless flow of poetry...loved it!

    Its a perfect example of unconditional true love for someone...not only the one who receives this love is blessed but also the heart, capable of giving it...wonderful verses!!!
    Seriously, so beautifully expressed that I want to read it again nd again :)
    A-W-E-S-O-M-E :)

  4. No words. Amazing. No words.

    You're improving day by day. I salute to your love and thought process. Poetry is an abstract art and not many can try it. The natural flair in your writing is clearly visible.

    Each para depicts a thought beautifully. I wanted to bring out some glitches to pull your leg, but Ashish, I found none! Flawless!

  5. @Shikha...I wait for your comments every time I try something new. and to get a positive response from you on a poem is very satisfying..:))

    Thank you so much for such lovely words and generous praise..I am honored Miss Sadh..:))

  6. @Lebnox: Arey No words bolke itna bol gaye Lebnox Sahab. :P Kamaal karte hain aap bhi..Thanks for the encouragement and appreciation, Ace reviewer :))

  7. full of colors and your range was highly opulent..

    uberly polished and i was smiling in b/w reading the same, beautiful one :)

  8. Writing a poetry is much difficult then writing a story or some article. You justified the soul of poetry writing!
    Loved 'Convertible' and 'Painter' and yes, selection of pics is awesome!
    Great Work!

  9. Thanks Sandeep..:) Wanted some fresh and lively post..Its better to project ur blog as a niche 'art-house' than a less visited news website..;):P:D

  10. @Mansi: Yes, Poetry is a tricky craft..And I am just a beginner...A poem gives u immense satisfaction and i am feeling the same at the moment..Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating the effort..and yes, Painter is my favorite too..:)

  11. :))))))))))) <3 <3 <3 and yes I am Convertible too ;)
    So very very very Beautiful Ashish, each word, each line seemed so usual yet new. Drawing sun around the navel :D Nice n cute!
    Helplessly Romantic Poem it Is! :D keep writing ! <3

  12. it is beautiful..... very beautiful... :)

  13. I wrote something thrice and erased it. I am speechless. I don't know what to type...I am just in awe of you ..your creativity and your love story. You inspire me. where does these thoughts come from??? Omg!!!!! Thats beautiful. In its purest form."I am a painter" was just mind blowing. LOVED IT. I am just in awe. You are flawless.

  14. @soumya: Thanks sweetheart..:) I am very glad that u liked it..after all YOU were the prime target audience..;)

  15. @Maya: Thanks a lot dear..The fact that I INSPIRE you gives me immense satisfaction..and I feel that my job is done..and yes, Painter is my fav too..Thank u so much for following the blog so keenly..:D

  16. @Anonymous: Thanks for the 'beautiful comment'..But would love to KNOW about you..Who are you Mystery man/woman?:))

  17. hi... I am Surabhi Jaiswar.. I don't know how to join ur blog... I followed it by reading some nyc stuff on ppl's wall abt ur poem so out of curiosity I came here... but after reading this i really witnessed some moments... i was a pleasure read... :)

  18. Hey Surabhi..Glad that u read it and liked ir..:)) U can follow my blog thru your Google or FB account..Just click on Follow widgets on the right hand side of the page..:))

  19. Wow Ashish, the poem is actually very well-written..
    Always knew u were a gud writer, dis poet thing is another interesting side of u..keep it up dude!!

  20. Awesome verses!!! :))
    Loved to the core. Measuring your writing skills is pointless, amazed to see your dimensions(in writing.) ;) :D
    Keep up the great work! :))

  21. Thank U so Much Prateek....I am glad that u liked it this much...:)))

  22. I loved it... the collection of words support your deep thought.. well done

  23. Touche!!!
    The imagination, the feelings, the expression, the words, the comparisons, the metaphors.. What to say!
    I won't go into praising your skill and technique, it would go on for way too long! Just one word.. Gorgeous! :)

  24. Thanks Gurman..I am happy that you finally spotted this post and read it..One of my personal favs..I enjoyed writing it...the fact that u like it, made my effort worth it..:)

  25. You're very humble :) Thanks ;)

  26. every time i read one of your beautiful creations.. u inspire me to get back to writing n not let it go,stuck in the mundane routine of life..

  27. Thanks Ankita...:)) These are very Kind words :D