Apr 1, 2011

Of Faith, Religion and God

I am not a big fan of that comparison and 'drawing parallel' culture. I believe, talent is best appreciated when its left alone. But when it comes to a sport like cricket, things turn a bit emotional. What I witnessed on the night of March 30 was unprecedented. As if crackers and fireworks were not enough, young men drove around the city at midnight, in open roof vehicles, and waved flags, shouting Vande Mataram. It was a historic night that saw a new, resurgent India celebrate its win, as well as appreciate the efforts of the side that came second. Yes, innovative abuses and SMSes did fly around but all that was in good fighting and competitive spirit. Everyone hailed Afridi for that post-match speech and Pakistanis were sent off home very cordially.

Now, after packing off the western neighbors, we the Indians, have trained guns at our southern neighbors. The most innovative Lanka bashing SMS I received, read: "Sri Lanka is of no match to us. You get their map free while buying the Indian map!"

Talking of parallels and comparisons, this epic final between Indian and Sri Lanka is also being dubbed as the New-Age Ram-Ravana battle.Though quite a lame and actually silly thing to do, I could not resist myself from giving it a thought. There is no harm in being nonsensical, less critical and 'pure fun' at times. Life is short and we may never witness another April 2 in our lives.

So here I go with my Indian 'Ram Sena'. Drop in your comments if you differ on any 'character' and specify the reasons:

Sachin Tendulkar (Ram): Needless to say. The God of cricket could be no one but him. Interestingly, he also fits in almost all the mannerism and principles of Lord Ram. Extremely talented, world's best (in what he does), can single-handedly destroy the opposition, possesses umpteen weapons, is cool, composed and benevolent.

Virender Sehwag (Hanuman): The undisputed and perennial Monkey God! Has the ability to 'ash-off' (Burn) entire Lanka on his own. No less than a tornado. Attacks the opposition first up and is a great companion-cum-admirer of Lord Ram.

MS Dhoni (Vibhishan): Its an irony that the captain simply cant be called Ram. So, to make things leveled, I decided to designate a non-captain Ravan in the Lankan side. And quite predictably, the onus fell on the shoulders of the Great Muttiah Murlitharan. So both Ram and Ravan are playing their last world cups, have their eyes set on that coveted trophy (Sita). With Sachin as Ram and Murli as Ravan, the battle assumes heroic stature and significance. Sangakara and Dhoni fall short in the respective shoes of Ram and Ravan.

Ok, so now Murli is Ravan. Hence, I call MS Dhoni, Vibhishan. Remember, he played alongside Murli aka Ravan for the Chennai Superkings. Dhoni (Vibhishan) knows all the secrets of Ravana and has joined forces with Ram to plot his destruction. He is a great strategist and is behind every move that Ram takes to wrest control of Sita. Fascinating, is not it?

Yuvraj (Laxman): The extremely talented 2nd in-command of the Indian batting line-up.Is very aggressive and dynamic. Has toned down his anger and harnessed his lethal 'secret weapon' (bowling).

Virat Kohli (Angad): In simple words. He is the future King. The young leader who is set to captain this side in future.

Zaheer Khan (Sugreeva): King of India's bowling attack. Or let's say, leads a pack of monkeys. err, bowlers. Offers full support to Ram (With his limited resources) to rescue Sita.

Harbhajan Singh (Jaamvant): Both of them have plenty of hair. And Jamwant could turn a stone as much as Bhajji turns a cricket ball. (Wink)

Munaf Patel, Ashish Nehra: Need I say it, Monkeys (1 and 2)!!!!!

This silly game of parallelism aside, I wish for a tight game of cricket tomorrow. Two of cricket's greatest sons would lock horns for the final time while Mumbai would smile at its great luck. It is Murali's last international game and I have a feeling that it could well be Sachin Tendulkar's last one-day match. So, who will win the battle of Ram and Ravana?

My heart says Murli had his Swan Song when he claimed that 800th wicket in Tests in form of Pragyan Ojha. Sachin Tendulkar's last laugh is yet to be heard. And Tomorrow, he will be amused.

A billion's faith in their religion and God is at stake.


  1. Interesting article... But at the end of the day, Sita went home with Ram!!! ;)
    Here's hoping that happens again!!!! :)

  2. @Bhartendu..yes, Sita is ours..Sita is Ram's..:))

  3. Ashish- I sent you that Sri lankan message to you, haina!! I know!! :D Wow...i get featured in your blog indirectly!! I ask for nothing else in life!!! :P :P :D :p.Now let me read the full post. LOl. I was just bit excited to read that sms! :P

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  5. @Maya..yes, U did send me that SMS..and it was awesome..:)) Hope u liked the post..:D