Aug 5, 2011

Just A Morning Wish

I woke up to an unusual morning
There was silence around the ceiling fan
The dim light lamp burnt bright
And there was you, lying by my side

You looked at me through the half-moon
Stocky Soldiers guarding your betel-nut eyes
Your smile lit the room further
My hands moved to touch their fate

How much did I miss you all this while
Coffee tasted bitter, grumpiness was all around
Is that you, I used to wonder on every foot tap
Without you, even melody was ordinary sound

Now that you are here, I can cry
And tell you to be with me forever
Because it is you that all I Want
Nothing Else seems to be as paramount

Seeing you is so pious
Your touch makes me a theist
Reside in my mind or take my heart
You are the deity, I am the priest

I love the way you wake me up
My senses never go numb
The caress and kiss keep me alive
Sleep and night slowly succumb

But as I rise holding you tight in my arms
I find no one around to hug, to kiss
The light is dim, there is a noise in the ceiling fan
Tears Remind me, It was Just A Morning Wish.


  1. You, Sir, are AwesomE! You certainly are going to be a 'big' thing in near future. This is seriously amazing verse. Loved it.

    PS: Please just take care of the rhymes. Rest is prefect. :)

  2. Thank You Lebanox. Your words are very kind. :D And yes, I am trying and work on rhymes..They are tricky ;)

  3. Thanks 'Chutku Aries' :-). I am glad you liked the post. Hope to find you around more often.

  4. :'( Even i hv such all day long wishes! :(
    its beautiful ashish anant! i miss u each moment, our memories n love is so strong that it gives me strength to not get deviated!
    Splendid peace of work it is! Long Way to go!
    All d very best my love! <3 :)

  5. Ashish, ur thoughts are so pretty ! Amazing! I nvr knew a man can thnk lyk dis. Its not just a poetry . . . I can See ur heart n soul in it ! Dats these verses touch one's heart. Its so siren ! I have just fallen in love wth ur poetry. Keep writing. :)

  6. Thanks soumya. welcome back to the blog :P I am glad u liked the post.. And yes, Love keeps us strong :))

  7. @Shikha: Wow, Thats some compliment :D..Thank You So much..I am humbled :))

  8. so gentle and polished..

    ..almost felt like some bubbles were dancing in my heart, too good, superb one mate :D :D

  9. Ohhh RRS..Bubbless..Nice :)) Thank You :D