Aug 12, 2011

This Independence Day

Yeah, It's been a while since we met. A week to be precise. You see, I have often used this blog as my opinion mouthpiece. But there are times when there is nothing much you can write about. However, this is a welcome change. I mean, I need not write every time. Sometimes, I can be just me. I can talk about my life, my friends, the world around, the rain, the upcoming Independence day. This is an original post ladies and gentlemen. I am not a writer here. I am not pretending. I am not trying to be wise, witty, sharp, blunt and things like that.

The last two weeks have been very special for me. I got into a college that I so wished to get into. I am a student again. I attend classes. What if they start at 9 and end at 5. The atmosphere around is brilliant. The 'feeling' of getting into India's premier media institute is pretty much there. Yes, it is the worst and best of the feelings that leave an impression in your life. Rest of it is just there to make up numbers.

This is a rare three-day weekend. Apart from Aarakshan and Raksha Bandhan (Do these two words rhyme?), there is our 64th Independence Day to look forward to. Sigh. There is a question circulating on Facebook, which asks "What does the Independence Day actually mean to you?". My good friends have given good answers. They are as wise as me. Some are even wiser than me.

Yes, its a day dedicated to my nation. I am a very very proud Indian. What if these are gloomy days, there is chaos in the government, unrest and tussle between rich and the poor. This week, I spoke a lot. Participated in heated debates over issues that my country is facing. Most of them were depressing issues. Issues of corruption, government's impotency and things like that. Even our beloved cricket team has done no good to Independence Day celebration mood. I think, I am venting my opinion again. I promised, I will not. Cut it.

Times change. Things will change. You see, the people from whom we gained our independence, the ones who ruled us, ruthlessly exploiting our differences and shortcomings, are themselves reeling under an unprecedented uproar. Britain's famed formula of assimilation has tanked. They should learn a few lessons from us. Not on policing, not on politics. But on tolerance, healing and 'getting used to' habit. Yes, There were blasts in Mumbai last month.

This reminds me, I am all set for my first trip to Bombay in October. I have traveled very little in life. But, I have seen India from close quarters. My home state, Bihar, is a case study in all things Indian. I live in Delhi, somewhere close to India's heart. But still I feel, my idea of India would not be well-rounded till I visit Bombay. It must be a fantastic city, I am sure. I have many friends there. They all are chasing their dreams. I look forward to spend a few days and nights with them.

People often ask me what do I want to become. And, I have often given conflicting answers to the same. I wish, I could tell them that my life is brilliant. God has been very kind to me. I want to contribute to life in many ways. I am sure, I will not end up doing just one thing. I may not earn a living out of everything that I do. But yes, I want to die a happy man. 

This Independence Day, I don't just feel patriotic, I feel responsible.

By the way, Soumya has arrived in Delhi for this weekend. I will meet her. She will bring some much-needed charm and warmth to my life. I miss her eyes and smile. Sandeep is also expected to come. Oh, I so wish to talk to him at times, show him the good things that I do, tell him the bad experiences that I had. All of this reminds me of another question that is circulating on Facebook, "Whats truly the beginning of Dosti ka Shubh Aarambh?" I answered 'When Silences are Comfortable'. So did Sandeep.

You can kill me. But you can not kill that Facebookie in me.

Happy weekend folks. Happy Independence Day in advance. No issues, if you do not read this post during the weekend. You have every right to celebrate. And also, my posts are always relevant. (Wink). 

Jai Hind. 

P.S: Independence is when you can come out of your comfort zone and smile.


  1. truly a piece worth reading ,happy independence day!!!

    also independence is when you bring on your inner core with a sense of satisfaction!!!

  2. Happy Independence day mate..:) DO LET ME KNOW, who are you? I ll appreciate that :)

  3. I have no words. Literally. This is seriously awesome stuff straight from your heart.

  4. Hey Lebnox! Thanks!! :)) and Happy Independence Day :))

  5. very few ppl have such command over words
    you are among them
    consider me your fan and admirer

    and for the first time, i did not want your post to end
    and it was absofuckinglutely fantabulous

  6. I second Lebnox :)
    Happy Independence Day, Ashish :)

  7. ..eyes are kind of full and humid (for some very weird reasons)

    ..i have never tried to think/talk Independence
    all my life that broadly (it's not that i have always wanted to run away from the thing or i feel..bored) but now... these days i am a different person at least when i am alone and i do try to find myself amidst such thoughts... (sometimes, it feels silly too)

    I loved the note.. for its honesty and confidence

    ..those last few lines made me hug you, stay blessed my friend (kabhi-kabhi.. it feels good to go cliche)

  8. @shikha and 'Anonymous': Thank You :)

  9. This post was not from a writer but from the heart of a common man...who miss his friends...crave for his love and is excited for his sojourn in the new city!
    Talking about Independence day...he looks at the positive side and hope for the best!
    Honest and simple write up!

  10. ashi ashi .. i just read ur post.. sry for the delay but as they say good things come on the right time and so has this post ... i am so in love with what u have written .. it gave me my much needed peace with life ... i am blessed to have u as my friend !!

  11. Oh Thank You So Much Anubha..I am glad u read and loved it , and I am blessed too :)