Sep 11, 2011

Anniversaries We Mark

When the world was simpler and people naive, anniversary was about birthdays and marriages. We all waited with bated breath for our birthdays to come or our parents' marriage anniversary to arrive. We were simple people, drawing happiness out of these special little days of the year. Even for institutions with bigger canvas like a state or a nation, anniversaries were meant to mark historical days of achievement, freedom, success and martyrdom. Our very own Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti or even US' 4th of July celebrations are some shining examples.

But things have taken a drastic turnaround now. Now, it is all about how you play up to the gallery. Your actions are no more melody of our own, but have become a collective cacophony of sorts. In the era of digital revolution and media crusade, anniversaries are meant to gain mileage or wield a weird symbolic punch. So, we mark 10 years of the horrific 9/11 attacks in a manner that is bound to encourage more of such cowardly acts. We remind them of their 'heroics' and inspire them to seek further 'revenge'.

Media is the oxygen of terrorism. Those who mastermind bomb blasts, terror attacks do not just intend to inflict damage to life and property. Their ultimate wish is to create panic, infuse fear and insecurity in the minds of the people. The all-powerful media of our times, falls prey to this dirty tactic of terrorists and adds fuel to already blazing fire. Non-stop coverage, the feeling of city/nation being under siege, that helplessness, blood, gore and tears on screen.

It is because of this, I think, anniversaries like 9/11 should not be observed with such fanfare. Why give them another chance to strike by gathering around the place that was once struck? Will Obama's speech will make any difference to those who lost their loved ones ten years back? What's the wisdom behind throwing your security apparatus in tizzy every year around 9/11?

Has the world changed 10 years after 9/11? I am not sure. Blood bath continues in Iraq, Afghanistan. US' War on Terror is far from over and light years away from success. Americans' frantic 'pat down' at airports continues. Yes, it has served them well. But, they are not breathing easy. And you are not a victor till you can breathe easy. The only success, if at all, has been the killing of viagra powered Osama Bin Ladin.

Some media researcher remarked few years back, "There would be no terrorism in this world, if there was no media." I do not fully endorse his view but, yes, his remarks forces me to ponder. Forces all of us to ponder. Terrorism resembles showbiz in many ways. There is media attention & scrutiny, glamour (of different kind), fanfare (of different kind), appreciation and emulation (of different kind). With so much coverage and footage already being dedicated to terrorism, least we can do is to do away with such symbolic anniversaries. I thought Osama's burial in sea marked a new dawn of smartness for the American Mind but alas they have flattered to deceive, yet again. They still talk of 'credible but unconfirmed threats' of terror on eve of 9/11 anniversary.

Those 102 minutes, we must forget. Why just on September 11, that tragedy should haunt us all the time. Silently, we should mourn and resolve to emerge stronger. Our happiness and safety lies in our hands. The more noise we make, more vulnerable we are, in this world of great insecurity.

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