Sep 5, 2011

Pen Drive

Perhaps, Your dad made us meet
Taught you to hold me gently
Holding me made you feel important
Glistening in glory, I wrote your fate

Together we made lesser mistakes
As there was no room to erase follies
Thoughts got a mirror to reflect
And we traveled the world on a paper

When love struck you like lightening
I was your hope and yearning
From the pocket to purse
I was with you in good and worse

Whether borrowed or bought
Lying in a corner or a decorated piece
Flamboyant signature, examination curse
I have been your all-weather pal

Now, you have made new friends
Keys are more important than the ink
Yet, when you languish, long and strive
Do not Hesitate to get into a Pen Drive


  1. hehehehehhee.... :D :D :D niceee!!!!
    quite different and amazing!
    PEN DRIVE! <3
    u still hv mine wid u ;) :D

  2. Thanks Hon..Let it be with me..Nice lil memoir of yours ;)

  3. Wow!! What an incredibly creative genuinely genius post...Absolutely delightful to read :) :)

  4. 'Incredibly creative genuinely genius' :D Ok! Yeh 4 Shabd nahi bhulunga kabhi :P..Thank You Shikha :D

  5. Enough of praising Ashish Anant. Am bored. Give me something to criticize. I have started to fall short of words now. Amazing piece of work! Lovely! :)

  6. Ok....this was something really creative and different!
    Like all other write up of yours this too is very well crafted. I really like the thought process as this is something not everyone could think and write on!

    Keep Blogging :-)

  7. Wow. Thank You Lebnox. Hope To Live up to your expectations :)

  8. @mansi: Thank You so much. Had some doubts while writing this. was not easy. Glad that u liked it :)

  9. hahaaa.. clever and innovative :D :D

    ....dazzling range and i was literally hooked (and smiling, sheers lols) while reading, teases the reader big time.. :D :d

    Now pen-drives are poetic.. :))

  10. Thank You Ram Ramesh Sharma. Glad that u liked it :))