Feb 22, 2012

3 Idiots/ Waiting for Godot

Virender Sehwag is the most irritating player to have ever graced the game of cricket. Yes, he has achieved great personal milestones and made a huge impact on the fortunes of his team, but his self-indulgence and gloated personality makes me virtually hate him. His carefree attitude, both in life and cricket, borders on carelessness. This is not all, he takes pride in being careless and reckless, as if his stupid so-called candid statements make him a dream man for Indian females. He does not know the meaning of word humble, does not know how to handle the media or does not know how to speak at first place. At yesterday’s press conference after India’s crushing defeat at the hands of Lankans, Sehwag was his usual stupid self, throwing himself deeper and deeper into the web of questions weaved by the media.

He did not show an iota of remorse or shame at his terrible batting form and his team’s pathetic all-around display. Instead, he used the occasion to bare open his seemingly irreconcilable differences with Captain MS Dhoni. By the end of the conference, it was clear that his ego has been hurt after Dhoni blew the lid off the infamous rotation policy. Sehwag must realize that he is no holy cow, he is no Sachin Tendulkar. He has been dumped from the side in the past and there is no reason why he can not be shown the doors yet again. His batting is poor and detrimental to team’s interests, his attitude is arrogant and un-sportsman like.

This brings me to Captain Cool turned Captain Fool MS Dhoni. He has clearly lost the plot. Sad and surprising, for a man who seemed so much in command not so long ago. With 2 World Cups and No. 1 Test Ranking under his belt, MS looked invincible as a captain, to say the least. Everything he touched turned into gold, every move he made turned out to be a decisive step. Lady luck was his muse and the country could not believe how a man can be so composed even after having virtually the entire world at his disposal.

But 8 overseas defeats in a row and there are chinks in the armor for everyone to see. MS has become more and more imprudent in media management, his on-field captaincy has taken a tragic turn and his very place in the test side looks pretty much in danger. He is no more a captain who backs his players. Some of his decisions off late, smack of partisanship and favoritism. His cricketing decisions are backfiring like never before, the infamous rotation policy being the latest example. More ominously, Dhoni is losing the dignity and respect captain commands within his team. The seniors are unhappy, and he himself is doing nothing to reach out to them. His ‘confessions’ in the media, be it about the top 3 being slow fielders or his retirement plans in 2013, appear to be amateurish rather than candid.

And there is this 3rd dimension to the Team India’s woeful media management Down Under. Gautam Gambhir seriously needs a few lessons in yoga and meditation. He always looks so combative and serious. I remember seeing his marriage photographs. Poor Mrs. Gambhir! That ultra serious attitude shows in the kind of statements he makes in the media. Caution and restrain is something that he should learn or else forget about taking up the top job once the Dhoni era is gone.

And heroics of the 3 Idiots aside, there is a raging debate over whether Sachin Tendulkar should be dropped from ODI squad or the little master himself should hang his boots. It’s amazing how fortune changes. And even more amazing the kind of fickle memory we, the cricket lovers have. Though I believe that April 2, 2011 was the perfect date for Sachin to retire from One-day cricket, I am against even the faintest of cry for the great man’s ouster from the side. But again, I also believe that Sachin must not be allowed to pick and choose matches he wants to play. Clearly, playing ODIs after almost a year is not helping his cause in Australia. Sachin’s random choices are also not helping the cause of youngsters who strive hard to make their way in the team.

Sachin Tendulkar has literally achieved everything in shorter format of the game. It’s time he should take a call on his future in One-day cricket. This will help him unwind and concentrate. And who knows that elusive 100th ton may come just after that clutter is removed from his mind. Sachin’s wait for his personal milestone is turning out to be utterly tragic and anti-climatic. Many have started to wonder whether the wait for Sachin's 100th 100 will end up like the one for Godot!

It will be a dream headline – “Sachin Emulates Don, Retires at 99”


  1. well-said bro.i agree u. there are some dirty politics going on inside the team. personal achievement matters more than a team's success.i think same had happened when ganguly was d captain. and btw...i like the title of ur article...its so appropriate...lovd it..

  2. Thanks Anonymous! Would like to know who you are? :)