Feb 3, 2012

The Number You've Dialled Is Currently Switched Off!

Every morning the Times of India tells me something interesting about this wonderful world. (Screw Hindu!) Agreed that on most occasions, the TOI front page is preceded by a full-page advertisement of a product/service. But somehow, I find even these ads interesting. For example, today's newspaper carries a huge Vodafone ad that tells us why should we continue using or switch to the Pug telecom service provider. And if you have been following news keenly since yesterday, you would know why am I so upbeat about this ad. To me, this Vodafone advertisement conveyed the nuances of SC's landmark judgement on 2G spectrum allocations much more lucidly than the expansive coverage in rest of the newspaper!.

So, the Supreme Court has yet again come to India's rescue. It has made it categorically clear that loot wont be the rule but an aberration. And, that even a private citizen, with a well-researched and meticulously formulated PIL, can send ripples across the echelons of power in New Delhi. And most important of all, 'first cum first serve' is not a great 'Idea'. IPL auctioning brains can be proud of themselves!

In the next 4 months, 121 telecom licenses will stand cancelled. I am wondering if any of my friends is in 'loop' of the likes of Uninor, Videocon and even Idea! No doubt, millions of consumers across different cities will be affected by this verdict. Thank God! Mobile portability is very much alive and kicking!

Obviously, the likes of Airtel and Vodafone are grinning ear to ear. Lesser competition in the market may lead to higher tarrifs. Let's not forget that tarrifs went up by at least 37% last year just because some of the beneficiaries of the Raja's telecom 'tamasha' could not roll out their services. So, that cellphone in your pocket may not easily rest in the times to come. We, the celebrated middle class, can of course cry hoarse yet afford swing of any kind in the telecom sector, but what about those maids, workers and not so privileged who proudly welcomed cellphones as new members of their family.

SC's verdict is an indictment of the government, the telecom ministry and TRAI. It will ensure that policy formulation in this country is now more transparent and well laid out. But, the consumer may have to suffer a bit. The verdict is a victory for the common man in the sense that he can always expect justice and relief from the highest judicial body. The rich and powerful may plunder our wealth but they will have to give answers sooner or later. And I am sure, this big gain from the verdict clearly outweighs the little troubles that we might have to face as telecom subscribers.

And lastly, it is so pacifying to see that one of the biggest blows to corruption has come from within the 'system'. There is still a lot of goodness in the people of this country. And till this goodness and hope thrives, our phones will continue to ring. (wink)


  1. When did all of this happen? Others getting banned? :/

    I should really start reading newspapers now. I thought your blog is big enough a source for all the current news in interesting way. :D