Apr 13, 2012


I can see a bit of future
And sip a cup of tea
Low waves and high tides
In that deep blue sea

Glimpses of the world above
And abundance of the earth
They look so perfect and plenty
There is no denial no dearth

I can see myself in mirror
For as long as I want
Shy away in admiration
Or impenitently flaunt

At times I lose my way
Sans all the verve and zeal
Decrepit but turns null and void
Cometh the touch of heal

Like a striking maiden
With a mask on her face
Like moon in a rainy night
And the clouds as its lace

They are epitome of life
Full of splendor and grace
For I can kill and get killed
If that may be the case

My heart resides within
Those starry streaks of hope
Call me a sinner or little insane
But your eyes are my Bioscope


  1. :) <3
    Now at least, i can go and tell the world that it's bou my EYES ;)Love you heaps, I do.
    This is enough (at least for today :P)

    Apart from this poem is truly wonderful and spell bounding.

    P.S: you know i go numb and completely speechless cuz i am not used to see/ hear such things coming from you. Thanks so much! :*

    1. Thanks Soumya! yes, now, you can tell the world. There is something about your eyes!! ;) Love <3

  2. Lovely poem!!! :)

    P.S - Soumya, u r very lucky!!! :))

    1. Thank You Shikha!! :)) And Soumya you better realize what SS says ;):P

  3. @shikha: Touchwood! I know! :)

  4. @ashish: SS is an innocent girl, she doesn't know much about ur ku-karmas! :P

  5. Nicely Written
    beautiful :)

    god bless