Apr 4, 2012

5 Reasons Why IPL-5 Will Be a Success

So, its that time of the year again! India's annual summer cricket and entertainment bonanza is here. IPL-5 faces some real credibility issues with its previous edition being lackluster and uninspiring to say the least. But the last edition's low makes me believe that IPL, this year, can only zoom upwards. Forget about the not-so-good opening ceremony (I liked it anyway), the controversies just ahead of the league and other flip-flops, I have my own reasons to believe (and hopefully make you believe) that IPL-5 should be a success story. Here are the 5 reasons:

1. No World Cup Hangover- Its been exactly an year since we won the Cup of Joy. Since then, lot of water has passed under the dam of Indian cricket. We have taken the law of gravity way too seriously, diving towards the ground very quickly quickly after reaching that peak on April 2, 2011. The cricket fans badly need a reason to rejoice and jump up in excitement. Trouncing in England and Australia has taken the sheen off Indian cricket. IPL could well be that balm which will sooth the nerves of distressed spectators. Last year's IPL suffered heavily because the fans were yet to get out of the World Cup euphoria. They were not able to digest a Sachin taking on Dhoni, days after they together danced with that coveted trophy. There was also the 'fatigue' factor and that natural phenomenon of 'low' after achieving a remarkable high.

2. Icons Will Strike Back- Sachin stepping down from Mumbai Indians' captaincy is the last cog in the wheel. Fans should expect all their 'icon players' to shine in IPL this year and I am not saying it just like that. Sachin is free from the burden of his 100th 100 and stepping down from captaincy will only make him lighter. With speculations rife about whether or not the Little Master is now truly well past his prime, I am sure Sachin would let his batting do the talking. Expect a free, fearless and 'enjoying his game' kind of performance from the great man this season. Same goes with Rahul Dravid, another icon player who will take the IPL plunge just for the sheer love of the game. Sehwag, with abundant negativity surrounding him, will also be keen on proving a few points. Ganguly, that never-ending fairytale of India cricket, is excited like a teenager for the IPL. With the Pune franchise giving him free hand, and an exciting pool of players at his disposal, he and his team are my dark horses for this season. And last but not the least, MS Dhoni will also take up IPL as a nice little spa session. With plenty of criticism coming his way in the last one year, Dhoni would like to unwind and relax by playing a few helicopter shots.

3. Fresh Looking Teams, Better Format- There were too many matches in the last season. IPL-5 looks in better shape with one team less and fewer matches. Also, the fresh trading of players has added an element of novelty to the teams, with their core remaining intact. Although, I believe that it should be the last time when open auctions occurred in IPL. The fans must be allowed to develop that emotional connect with their players and the team because that's the epitome of city-based sports league. Too much of shuffle, chopping and changing is not desired.

4. Lesser Controversies/Negativity- Lalit Modi is out of the picture and his shadows are not that long anymore. The shady Kochi franchise is also out of the league and the financial dirt and mud has also settled down. This year's IPL can only look forward after hitting a roadblock last time around. Barring the Sahara fiasco, IPL this year has managed to keep its slate clean. Somehow I feel that relatively low hype and hysteria would help IPL 'build' its own credibility. If cricketers click (which they will), IPL will be back on track.

5. IPL Remains a Legitimate Sporting Product- At the end of the day, it is all about quality of cricket on display. From a little know Paul Valthaty to an ageless wonder like Warne, IPL has been the garden of floral magnificence of all kind. And with new exciting talents like Tamim Iqbal, veterans like Ganguly and Dravid, and other domestic/international players all set to sizzle, IPL assures you of high quality cricket, if not anything else.

With first two days showcasing top four teams of last year, I expect the IPL-5 to hit the right notes from Day 1. The icing on the cake would be if the underdogs like Pune and Kings XI manage to get a good start this season. IPL must live up to its core promise of being unpredictable and exciting. And a good week or so of exciting cricket will be reason enough for estranged IPL lovers to jump back on to the bandwagon.

I am On. Are you?


  1. Yes. Even I am! I am still unaware of the fact that why Kochi got sacked. :P

    Anyway, ye padh ke toh excitement badh gayi hai! Look forward to the matches now! :)

  2. Yes, Looking forward to matches. Excitement is building! :D

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