Jul 7, 2014


It fuels the fire,
Fire that burns your inside.
Inside a shop when asked to throw it,
It hurts to dump your favorite cigarette.

She walked far away,
Away when you needed her close by.
By now, when the dust has set over,
Over and over again, you miss her shine.

Love has bitten you more,
More than making you shy.
Shy of the pain it leaves behind,
Behind it all, you still sense some love.

A few things go wrong at times,
Times when you think you are done.
Done with the burning, the snub, the pain
Pain that runs from head to toe via heart.

But your cigarette, your girl, your love,
Love them a little more come what may.
May you learn to relish while you burn,
Burn because you'll shine, unlike the Ashes.
(Ashes that are dead, lusterless and gray.)

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