Sep 17, 2014

Taking Care (Silence)

All kinds of sound,
A child wailing, a train running
Sound that resides in a guitar
Noise that comes from within and far.

Rain lashing a tin rooftop
A bird's lazy morning chirp
Crickets playing a night-long match
To each soul, a voice you can attach.

The sound and its healing verb
It would all be futile
Without a lasting doze of silence
Peace suffices after gunshots and violence

Silence of the rain, the guitar, the people
Silence of a bird, a friend, a mountain
They may look a little out of place
But if sound is a shoe, silence is the lace.

So sit back, cut off, let go
Everything can wait, or else fall silent
Don't always seek, just be there
Life has a million ways of Taking Care.

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