Oct 3, 2014

'Bang Bang' Could Have Easily Been Titled 'Blah Blah'

Bang Bang makes you feel uncomfortable. Two incredibly good looking actors hop across some exotic locations, fire guns and machine guns as frequently as one pees after gulping a few bottles of beer, and if all of this does not make you sulk about limitations of your own life, they also kiss and dance, and flaunt their sculpted bodies all through the film.

Yes, Bang Bang is a kind of film that makes your body suffer from acute inferiority complex and forces you not to see the mirror for sometime. But sadly, that is all that the film offers- some stunning visuals, some jaw-dropping action sequences and plenty of sculpted body show by its lead actors. Apart from it, the film is a big letdown that becomes boring and predictable within 10-15 minutes of its initial run time.

Clinging on to a wafer-thin story line (if you decide to call it a story), the film starts with a hilarious 10-15 minute sequence featuring a guest appearance from Jimmy Shergill and the film's main antagonist Danny Dengzongpa. It reminds you of the terrible action films of the late 80s and early 90s where the 'hero' would throw some cheesy patriotic dialogues and the 'villain' would rebut citing his own 'lambe haath' that could buy off every damn politician, policewalla or judge of the country. Yes, you are reading the write review. Hrithik Roshan, the 'hero' of this film, would not takeover the proceedings well into 15-20 minutes. Yawn, you are already sleeping.

Then, there is an irritating Katrina Kaif and her annoying personal life of a 'bank receptionist'. The bank is funnily called 'Bank of Simla'. And there is robbery of Kohinoor diamond from London and the MI6 is rolled over by Javed Jaafri (one of the villains, who has also the responsibility of being comical) and his gang. However, the most funny and outrageous part of the movie is how much of snowfall they attribute to places like Shimla and Dehradun! Too much of unbelievable blah blah.

Hrithik tries hard to wrest control of the situation on several occasions, and he mostly succeeds, but obviously he can't fill in for the missing story and semblance of some substance in the film. The action sequences are well-shot and at times sunning, the locations are picturesque, but the overall proceeding has a constant stamp of dullness. Hrithik flaunts his abs and stunningly fit physique on several occasions, in fact, the director treats his body like one of the main leads of the film. Katrina looks beautiful, her skin as radiant as the Taj, but fails to make any mark with her acting (not saying that I expected anything significant.)

Watch Bang Bang only if you are a die-hard Hrithik fan or you get inspired by seeing people who are physically super fit. All in all, the film is nothing but the makers' tribute to good looks of Hrithik Roshan, and Roshan's own contribution to the club of '100 crore films' that otherwise suck big time.

Oh yes, and the film is a remake of Tom Cruise-starrer 'Knight and Day'. But, who cares. Yawn.

Rating: ** (Average)

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