Dec 9, 2011

Ladies V/s Ricky Bahl: An Uninspiring Face-Off

I will not get into the plot and story line of Yashraj Films' Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. As an audience, you are intelligent enough to figure it out after seeing promos and reading about the film in the media. There is nothing new or no 'twist' as such, of which I need to make you aware of or warn you before hand. So, let's come across to the goods and bads of the film, straightaway.

Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl comes with a huge albatross, called Band Baaja Baarat, around its neck. Frankly, no one expects Maneesh Sharma (Director), Aditya Chopra (Producer) or Anushka-Ranveer (Lead Actors) to recreate that magic 'literally', as films like BBB are very rare and special. But one can not help but expect at least 'some' of the euphoria that 'BBB' generated, from 'L Vs RB'. That earthy humor, taut script, sizzling chemistry! Aah!

Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl fails to take off for the entire duration of its running. It moves at a steady and sometimes lethargic pace, reminding you of the 'plateau' phase in any tenth-standard physics graph. But film's slow pace in the second half and lack of excitement in the first half are not the only flaws. What comes across as an unpardonable sin is the way Anushka Sharma has been somewhat sidelined in the narrative. She ends up playing a 'pawn' in this epic battle between 'Ladies' and Ricky Bahl (Ranveer Singh).

The ladies in question here, Debutante Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Sharma and Dipannita Sharma Atwal, do justice to their respective roles. In fact, Parineeti deserves special applaud for pulling off the role of typically rich and partially dumb Delhi girl with utmost ease. Her dialogues, or rather monologues, are hilarious at places, and her timing brings in some much-needed comic relief to the entire proceedings. Dipannita Sharma, as the ambitious, brave and modern corporate professional cum leader of the ladies pack, exhibits remarkable restrain and poise.

And what about Anushka Sharma? She is undone by a script that does not let her be free. She is absent for the entire first half, and gets very few moments of personal brilliance in the second half. That famed chemistry of Anushka-Ranveer suffers heavily due to this injustice done to role of the girl who carried BBB on her shoulders.

Ranveer Singh seems to be enjoying his day under the sun with a well-toned body and a meaty role. He looks totally at ease, looking sufficiently cunning and deceptive as the 'woman-wealth hunter'. The music of the film is very 'one-track', with at least two songs (Jazba and Jigar Ka Tukda) having stunningly similar tunes. Maneesh Sharma, the director, should have ideally done more with such an interesting concept in hand.

Moreover, the film clearly lacks doses of humor. A film of this genre (Rom-Com) breathes, eats and sleeps humor, both covert and overt, but Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl falls flat in this department, with only the character of Parineeti Chopra fighting a lone comic battle.

I went to the theatre with an expectation to watch an mouthwatering battle of sexes, some fun moments (Typical Yashraj style), all in all to have a paisa-vasool experience. But Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl falls well short of the expected experience with not so exciting treatment of the story line. Ranveer Singh cons the girls way too easily and the girls too, get back at him way too easily. And somewhere in between, Anushka and Ranveer fall for each other way too easily and that, is the end.

Final Verdict: Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl disappoints in totality. Do not expect a Band Baja Baarat encore. This is strictly a 'one-timer'!

**1/2 (Average)


  1. ..finally saw it this evening, ranveer singh is a start material (he act. reminds of SRK....)

    I find the movie pretty entertaining and on the contrary very pacy.. i really don't agree with those who say anushka has become size zero..(that bikini scene was "zoOooOomm" :P :P)

    Parineeti was bubbly and full of spark.. bg score was rocking

  2. Yes, Anushka in Bikini looked stunning! And she is not size zero in 'real' sense ;)

    Thank you for reading :)

  3. Ok .. the lack of Anushka Sharma is actually quite good becoz it does justice to the title of the film "Ladies vs Ricky Bahl",just becoz she is a star that doesnt means that she should be all over the film..:P.... I would actually congratulate Devika Bhagat for she was able to explore the characters really well... it was actually a chick flick .. and according to the taste of diff people , it might be bummer for some... for me it was enjoyable ..

  4. For me too it was enjoyable in parts :) Thanks for reading!