Dec 4, 2011

Sometimes, Greatness Just Spills Over the Brim!

I don't believe in mourning. I think, great people leave behind great memories which should be cherished rather being mourned. This was precisely the reason, I refrained from putting up blog posts after demise of several legendary artists this year, be it Dr. Hazarika, Shammi Kapoorji, Jagjit Singh, Bhimsen Joshi and many others. I have no hesitation in admitting that I know very little about the craft and the legacy left behind by these great people. But sometimes, greatness just spills over the brim. You need not always eat a mango to relish its taste.

But Dev Anand's demise leaves behind a great vacuum and fills my heart with strange sadness. Again, I have not seen all of his films. Hum Dono, Guide, Heera Panna and Jewel thief are some of his works that I had the chance of appreciating. My remembrance of Dev Anand is mainly associated with my father being a fan of his style and cinematic craft. I remember being told by my mother that my father used to imitate Dev Saab's style during his youth. Those were the days when Dev Anand would sweep the nation off his feet by wearing 'black trousers' and 'white shirt'. He was the first style icon of India, with millions of girls dying to get a glimpse of the charismatic actor. Dev Saab possessed a unique charm, an infectious radiance that could enthrall young and old alike.

On his birthday this year, I put up a status on Facebook which said, "Happy Birthday Dev Saab! Please stop making films now! :P". It was a casual update. I never knew he would take my jibe so seriously. People of my generation have often been amused to see a 80-plus man making films after films, most of them disappearing without making any noise. But most of us failed to understand the undying vigor and love for cinema that Dev Saab had. His 'Chargesheets' and 'Love At Time Squares' may not have set new landmarks, but his unflinching faith in his craft and abilities has definitely put several of those young filmmakers to shame, who waste their talents and resources like overflowing water.

This post was not planned. I do not know what to write. I will always remember Dev Anand for acting in, and making great films. I will remember him for living his life on his own terms, for working till his last breath and for giving back so much to the Industry (he groomed an army of young talents). Much more than what Industry actually gave him. I saw spark in his eyes every time he sat there at any award function. There was a child-like stubbornness in him. He did not mind people cracking jokes on him. He did, what he loved.

R.I.P Dev Anand!


P.S.- Needless to say, this year has been absolutely terrible for Indian Art/Entertainment. The picture below comprises few of the gems who passed away this year, but let me clarify, the list is much longer. (Notable misses- Uncle Pai, Indira Goswami, Ustad Sultan Khan, Shrilal Shukla)


  1. sadly.. i hvnt seen his any film.. (yes, poor me)..

    ..he never stopped..never-ever.. one thing that i would certainly like to imbibe in myself.. this man was mad..mad for making films..RIP dev sahab :)

  2. You should watch Guide at least. I am sure you will like it! :)

  3. Ditto. I have never been a fan of Dev Sahab nor watched any of his films. But your post inspires me to watch the mentioned movies. :)

    May he rest in piece.

  4. Lebnox: PEACE not piece! God, please! This is a curse not a wish! :P