Dec 26, 2011

Out of the Blue (TY!)

Since the beginning of December, I was wondering what should be the last post of 2011 on 'Out of the Blue'. A nice romantic poem, that would fetch me good number of 'likes' on the facebook link? Or a movie review of Don-2, that would get me maximum number of 'page views' and controversial comments? Or a simple and cute good bye kind of post, where I would say nice moralistic things and thank you for wasting some of your time in reading my blog?

Even after a lot of consideration, I could not decide on anything concrete. Writing a romantic poem requires lots of 'hands on' experience (You cheap mind, it does not mean what you think!). I have been deprived of love and romance off late. Yes, 'separation' and 'solitude' are themselves catalysts of verse but now a days even these feelings have ceased to bother me. So, romantic posts have to remain in 'draft' section at least till early next year.

'Convertible' remains the most loved blog post. Click and Read!

Moreover, reviewing Don-2 was also out of contention straightaway. In fact, I have decided that I would never 'review' any Shah Rukh Khan film on this blog. I do not want even a slight hint of bias to creep into my reviews. Yes, I would continue to write about Mr Khan, every now and then. But there I would have my privileges as a 'writer'. Recently one of the readers' very interestingly summed up my 'love' for Shah Rukh Khan...."And when it comes to Shahrukh Khan, you behave like a kid fighting for his pa’s movie, saying he is the best (you love him so much…)"!

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It is the love and responses like these that have kept this blog alive for 10 months. When I returned to blogging in February this year (I know the word 'return' sounds dramatic. But trust me it was nothing grand), I did not have extraordinary hopes. I still do not have any illusion. But, I just wanted to see that will at least some of those 30-odd people who regularly 'like' and comment on my Facebook notes bother to come over to a new page altogether, just to read what I write. At facebook, I 'forced' my friends to read my posts by tagging them. Yes, I received much appreciation and love on Facebook, but I wanted to see whether that appreciation was only an 'obligation' post tagging or did some of my friends actually liked what I wrote. Will they take some time out, click on a link, wait for the page to load and then read &comment on the post? I could bet on some of my best friends and few of my ardent admirers (Yes, you ass! I have a fan base. Size does not matter). But anyone other than them? I used to wonder.

It is in this regard that saying 'thank you' is absolutely important. I must thank all the readers for showing great patience and appreciation by visiting this blog so often. For coming back again and again to this blog, and making me feel special by posting some wonderful comments. All these months have been nothing less than an unbelievable journey where around 80-odd people have joined the site in some way or the other. Nearly 200 people like the blog's page on Facebook. I know you must be thinking that 200 is not such a big number for a FB page. But, I had never thought these many people would 'like' a page belonging to someone's personal blog.

It is very humbling, extremely satisfying and monumentally encouraging when someone addresses you as 'Sir' after reading a certain post or a reader's comment goes on to state something as inspiring as this.. "Yes, your a month or two back post-When A Nation Churns… Yes, I read it on October, and believe me, I again and again clicked on 'Apply Now' button, until I realized what you meant… that very day I opened an account in blogger, I always wanted to have one… Your writing has this power…"

Okay cut it. Neither I myself want to sound pompous nor do I want you people to think very highly of yourselves.

By now, you know what this post has turned out to be. A not-so-well-written or rather stupid 'Thank you' post. But honestly, I could not stop myself from writing this. In fact, I wanted to say so much more, share some gratitude, affection and love. But sometimes, we should let things take their own course. Planning does not always guarantee success. Somethings are great just because they happen 'Out of the Blue'. :)

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!

May you do things that nobody has ever done!

P.S.- OTB will never let you down. 2012 will be bigger and better! (And I know you are thinking how smartly have I promoted two of my previous posts through this write-up. Yeah, I know I am good. (wink))


  1. OTB has been a refreshing space (from poetry to reviews to sports to features on politics, even that note in devnagri script)..i should rather call it an interactive space (and blogs are just about the same, aren't they).

    Quality write-ups has been a routine at OTB (even those surrounding politics too were entertaining, without compromising on the content)..I have been a fan of your writings since long (i don't know since when).. and i have no hesitations in repeating the same again-n-again..

    Thanks to you OTB for sharing your opinions with us.. (they have been numerous instances when i came to know about certain things through your regular notes..ex- that Rahul-baba wala thing..:P)

    ..wish to see OTB exploring some new sides..Happy new year :)

  2. Thanks a lot Ram :)) Will try and make the blog more 'happening' next year! ;)

  3. Now, that was sentimental. :D Though you sounded a little pompous ( :P ), but it's okay. You have all the right. Our friendship began with mutual reading, appreciating and commenting, etc etc, but it has now surpassed all those 'deal-like' moments. :D

    I regard Ashish Sir, and Junaid Sir as my good friends and people whom I can look up to. :)


  4. Haha! wow thanks Lebnox! You are very special! Thanks Indeed! :)

  5. Sorry for reading this post late as I was away on a holiday. But after reading this post, I want to say that

    You are the SRK amongst us...:D

  6. hahaha! Aryan you made my (sun)day! :D Thanks mate!