Feb 21, 2011

7 Commandments to Lift the Trophy

Its been three days, since one-day cricket's biggest extravaganza started in the subcontinent. We have rubbed our gray cells and tried to figure out which team has the brightest chance to lift the ICC World Cup. However, the euphoria for World Cup, after the opening ceremony, has suddenly evaporated. Mainly because some minnows have been brushed aside very brutally by Test-playing nations in what can be best described as 'mis-matches'. New Zealand, a team that was struggling to win a single game off late, shrugged off the Kenyan Challenge in mere 8 overs, after winding up them for a paltry 69. Sri Lanka, the perennial minnow-bashers, had the better of Canada and Australia defeated Zimbabwe, overcoming some initial resistance. Somewhere between these woefully boring matches, I decided to list out the '7 Commandments' (on the lines of 7 Murders by Susannna) that a team must follow to lift the trophy in Mumbai.

1. The Initial Attack: A good fast bowling unit is a must. Pundits may shout spin is the key, but for me, the initial attack from the fast bowlers holds the key. India almost paid the price for having a spineless pace attack against the Bangladeshi tigers.

2. Part Timers- Gone are the days of specialists. Bits and pieces cricketers will make significant impact on the game. Part time bowlers can stagnate opposition's run-rate and get in some real quick overs. A very important arsenal to have when you are playing in the subcontinent.

3. The Middle Road- A strong middlle order is crucial on Indian wickets. Big hitters at 4,5,6,7 can change the course of the match towards the end, also they can carry out the rescue act in case of an early batting order collapse.

4. Out of the Box Thinking- The teams need to be flexible in their approach. Wise use of powerplays, shuffling of batting order and choosing right bowling options is of paramount importance.

5. Hold the Nerves- First couple of days have been quite boring but expect the things to get complicated as soon as the big teams start to get involved. The team which holds its nerves in crunch moments, manages the pressure from fanatic crowd and bizzare media, will emerge victorious.

6. Winning key moments: ODI is not slam-bang like T20. It comes across in various phases. The game atleast, gives you 4-5 chances to recover or gain a lead. So, the team, which wins the 'battles within the battle', those crucial junctures of the game, will hold an edge.

7. That One Messiah: History says, one man rises above everyone else and makes a huge difference. Team effort is mandatory but individual brilliance gives you that X-factor! India will hope Sachin does one better than what he did in 2003!

So, these were my 7 commandments for the teams. But can someone tell me, who on earth scheduled these world cup matches. First 3 days have been nothing but brutal onslaught on poor minnows. Not a single game of significance till Thursday. On Friday, the Australia-New Zealand cracker of a match is scheduled at 9.30 in the morning, while latter in the day, during the prime time, two powerhouses of world cricket, Bangladesh and Ireland will lock horns!

What logic! What an eye for detail! Hail ICC!


  1. You should take this blog further to the central board of cricket for the payers to see! Very well thought and written. The last lines were apt and hilarious! :)

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  3. the schedule does look mis-matched infact all ICC events have always been like this.. !!

  4. Damn! I cannot like comments here! Ram vala mast like karne layak tha! :D

  5. @ Ram..Yes, Scheduling has been a problem with ICC events...They seriously need to look into it..!!

  6. Thanks Lebanox..:)) And yes 'Like' option is definitely missing here..:(

  7. I miss the like button too! :(

    I really liked and believed in those 7 commandments.
    Its a funny schedule but suits me..considering i have an off on weekends, i will not have to miss key matches. Especially when India is playing. :P

    Hail ICC!!! :D