Feb 10, 2011

What Do I Seek

Waking up everyday
Only to sleep at night
Mind is a rebel
An unfed baby warrior
Not a crowned prince yet a brave knight

I see flames all around
Crimson, Blue and Red
Razor-Sharp Emotions
Creating angles in a circle
Geometry is funny, someone rightly said

Randomness is stable
Pleasure is undefined
Happiness comes in doses
Like globules of a homeopathic medicine
God is not great nor He seems to be Kind

Dreams are great levellers
They give a high to my lows
To Strive is possible
But possibility is like a TV-Remote
I may not reach out even on my toes

I am an ageing guitar
Keeping strings intact before they go meek
Hazy clouds, dusty roads, endless bridge
I travel most of the times and think
What do I seek

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