Feb 18, 2011

Lift the Spirit; Don't Bog the Team Down!

So the Subcontinent's Cricket World cup is here. And I must say, the Bangladeshis have done a good job at the opening ceremony. Few glitches here and there are okay as it was for the first time that our un-fancied neighbor was hosting a ceremony of this magnitude. At certain points, it looked like a cultural show, but again, we (the residents of subcontinent) are obsessed with our culture and colors. 'Cricket captains on rickshaw', was a cool and innovative concept!

Now lets assess India's chances at the world cup. Clearly, we are one of the strongest contenders for the title. Also, this world cup happens to be the most 'open' since the one in 1996. The era of Aussie domination is gone; the cricketing world is, now, a more leveled playground. India happens to be just slightly ahead of the rest.

But what bothers me is the immense media pressure that has been built up around the team. For the last 15 days, every single channel has projected one thing in the viewer's mind-This is India's world cup. Lets not forget, to win this cup is not India's divine right. Yes, we have a wonderful chance this time around to do one better than what we did in 2003. But, the victory can't be taken for granted. Lets not make the losing part so difficult and improbable for the team. God forbid, if India looses a couple of games, the same people would stand on the rooftop and shout. Lets be fair to the team and manage our expectations well.

Moreover, I am worried about the great man, Sachin Tendulkar. Yes, he is God and Gods are supposed to take care of themselves. But I am appalled by the idea of 'winning the cup for him'. The moment Team plays to win the cup for him, it will be all over. Yes, this thought of 'winning the cup for him' can play a part when the chips are down or the team needs a push. It can be an inspiration but certainly not the ultimate goal. The great man knows that it is his last chance. Let him do the talk with the bat; don’t run after him with mikes and camera. Don’t make him feel as if he would be 'expelled' from the 'God category', if India does not win the cup!

I wish the team plays well, glory will follow suit.


  1. The media thing is actually very annoying. They are not only exaggerating Indian-win but in a way positioning the same feeling in the mind of viewers and this is almost criminal....

  2. Yup..It is a bad trend..media forgets what happened in 2007..

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  4. Very well written, Ashish :)
    The points that u've raised are quite logical especially the one about Sachin. But to be very frank, Except 'the sachin syndrome',i m quite in favor of this media hype over the whole world cup thing. After all, we are a nation which eats, sleeps and breathes Cricket. Media is not creating but just showing the cricket fever which is very much there already. If media people will not encash all such big events, from where will they earn then?? :P

    P.S - I miss ur notes on facebook :( (Dekho, Yahan par smileys bhi achhe se nahi ban rahe hain)

  5. Awww...I know FB is more friendly and exciting..dont worry, i wll be der too..:):) Thanks for coming over here..do tell me whether u like the look of the blog or not..honestly..:))