Feb 17, 2011

Curious Case of Akhsay Kumar

Its tough being Akshay Kumar these days. His fortunes at box office have suddenly nose-dived and he no longer seems to be the force, which he was not so long ago. The alarming rate at which his recent films (Action Replay, Tees Maar Khan, Patiala House) have failed at the box-office has already sent tremors across bewildered producers and directors. I tried to figure out what plagues the otherwise extremely hardworking and supremely talented actor. In fact, he is at crossroads. Sample these:
  • He is accused of being repetitive and irritating to an extent when he does his usual buffoon act. Comedy acted as Sanjivani to revive his dead career. But, now the superstar can't be comic. Come up with something new. (Critics complain!)
  • When he does something more sober and new, he is given a cold shoulder by fans. They simply don’t turn up to watch a 'hatke' Akshay Kumar. Sample Action Replay, Patiala House and Tasveer. Even his Master Chef act on TV was a dud. (By the way, I liked that show.)
  • He does not have a perfect jodi on-screen. Katrina is done and dusted. Priyanka wont work with him anymore. New actresses don’t survive along side him. Sample Trisha! (who is she?)
  • The original Khiladi Kumar has no good Action script in his hand. All he has are a few comic re-makes from Priyan Sir, silly stories of Sirish Kunder and likewise. Action, his strength, eludes him.

 I think Akhsay has also lost connect with urban India. Why have him when you have SRK or Aamir? He is way too wild, outrageous and Micromax type for Metro Junta. His films, not cool!

Hmph! None of his upcoming films excite me, personally. I adore him. The self-made man that he is. I wish he does not fade in oblivion. I wish he re-discovers himself or a sensible director approaches him

P.S.- R.I.P Patiala House!


  1. He is an entertainer and history hammers the fact that people belonging to the same race can face few gloomy phases but they will be loved and adored time and again....

  2. I hope so too. But he seems to be loosing the plot very quickly. Now, even the opening numbers are missing..

  3. Finally, even Akshay Kumar made it to your notes but sadly not in a gud way! I think something is wrong with his fortune but not him. He is still a gr8 actor and comedian as well.

    Even i feel that he needs a sensible actor!

  4. u mean sensible director, right? and yes he is a very hardworking actor..