May 2, 2011

1 Dead Man, 10 Uncomfortable Questions

So the United States has finally hunted down world’s most dreaded terrorist. In a swift operation that lasted merely 40 minutes, US forces killed Osama bin-Laden in Abbottabad area of Pakistan. Contrary to earlier reports which suggested that Osama might be hiding in some inaccessible hilly area near Pak-Afghan border, the Al-Qaeda leader was found hidden in a posh mansion merely 90 kilometers away from Pakistani capital. As reports filter from Pakistan about what led to eventual fall of the man who shook the world nearly 10 years ago, several questions pop up in mind.

Disturbing Picture

  • How on earth the world’s most wanted terrorist stayed in a residential area near Pakistani capital and nobody had a clue? Were the inhabitants of Abbotabad aware of Laden’s stay in the area? Was there a moral support given to Laden, if not logistical, by the people of Abottabad?
  • Abbottabad is the hub of the Pakistani Military. There is a Military Training Academy at a stone’s throw from where Osama lived. Regular security drill and stringent checks are common near a military base. How come Pakistani Army missed out on the biggest mansion in the area that stood like an invincible fortress? It is next to impossible to imagine that an army as shrewd as Pakistan’s would not have the knowledge of such a great phenomenon. Did the Pakistani Military provide safe haven to Osama? Was he hiding there under the aegis of Pak Army?
  • It’s a known fact that Pakistan is a divided state. Almost like various slices of bread in a packet. Was Pakistan’s civilian government totally unaware of Osama’s whereabouts? Is the Pakistani army so independent and powerful that it can hide world’s most wanted terrorist, without letting the government know?
  • What was the role of Pakistan’s Intelligence agency (ISI) in the entire setup? Did they mastermind Osama’s stay inside Pakistan? Were they involved, in any capacity, with the US operation that led to Osama’s downfall?
  • Who provided Osama with financial and logistical help in all these years of his stay at Abbottabad? If there was no internet and telephone in the mansion, how did he communicate with rest of his mujaheedins? Did Pakistan Army act as a carrier and courier?
  • If the US treats Pakistan as its ally in the War against Terror, why it did not share information with them? Is there any lack of trust between US and Pakistan? If yes, Why is US still hanging on with a bunch of liars?
  • If the US authorities were sure about Osama’s location 10 months ago, what made them wait for so long? Was President Obama seeking a ‘right time’ to launch the operation? Has this entire thing  some connection with Obama’s re-election bid?
  • Why did not US come out publicly with Osama’s identity? Was he given a chance to surrender inside the mansion? Was not he shot in his eyes at point-blank range? Where is the justice? What is the difference between Obama and Osama? Why everything was such a hush-hush affair? Why bury Osama in the Sea?
  • What is the US stand on Pakistan now? Has not India’s claim that, all terror groups find shelter in Pakistan, been proven correct? Pakistan lied for years. What action can US take against Pakistan’s double game?
  • What next? Where does US’ war on terror go from here on? Is the job done? What are US’ future plans in Afghanistan?
Osama is dead. But his fear psychosis lives on. He promised to produce a million Osamas before he died. Time will tell how successful has he been. Some hail him as the champion of oppressed Muslims across the world, most loathe him as a cynic Jihadist who brought disgrace to his religion and was responsible for killing of thousands of innocent civilians. I remember him for the way he screwed a US president, who was equally villainous, if not more.

P.S.: The Writer welcomes death of Osama Bin-Laden. He is not a conspiracy theorist. He just seeks a bit of clarity..and justice (President Obama's favorite word). 


  1. well ashish ..i have a hypothetical theory to the 40 minute drama as i call it... well it is said that osama was in worse of the health and his many organs were not working .. if this holds true ... then what if osama died long ago? i would like to know how come a person with so many health problems is able to take a gun and combat with the US army for bloddy 40 minutes? ....what if this was whole a US imposing world supremacy drama? what if this is an obama agenda of re-election campaign? my question is why was US in such a hurry to burry osama , i mean he was there trophy to tell the world that we are still powerfull... they should have let the world see him dead....i am just not satisfied with the story been presented to the world about osama's death .. to me its more like an action packed US war/spy film which is just reel not real...

  2. @Anubha: I don’t know abt the organ failure theory but the entire operation does create lots of doubt in the mind. But I think 40 minutes is not that a long time, specially when you have men behind your life. I think Osama would have defended himself even he was half alive. But yes, the hurry with which Americans disposed off his body was surely puzzling and fuels conspiracy theories. Glad that u read this one J

  3. Yes, the million dollar question raised by everyone is that why the dead body was buried under the sea? why the forces did not carry the body and was shown to everybody? Why he was shot right into the eyes and head? Was he dead before they shot him?

    All in all, the questions raised by the writer are hold weight and all the people alive demand explanations!

  4. @naman- Truth may never be known..May we will need another WikiLeaks Expose for the same...But Everything does not seem to be right for this operation..

  5. Wikileaks! Yes yes! Waiting eagerly!

  6. Welll I do read all of ur blogs ....i am just a silent reader as u knw

  7. may b he was dead years before , n u.s. faked about his death and obama waited for the right time to come , hiding his death gave them a " right " to kill more n more ppl in afghan , pakistan n odrs in name of search for osama.. ?? :O

  8. This is a bit too much to imagine...but yes questions do come up in mind..Thanks for reading and commenting Himanshu :)