May 20, 2011

To Rahul, With Rancor

Dear Rahul,

You troubled me a lot last week by shamelessly occupying news space, my staple diet, for a reason, which I found hard to comprehend. You must understand that you are to politics what Ranbir Kapoor is to Hindi Film Industry. You are media’s favorite pin-up boy, single and available for marriage and also prime ministership, (in your case). But that does not give you the liberty to poke your nose in each and every affair of this country. Ranbir can get away with fooling around every now and then, but sorry you are not so lucky. The same people who hail you as the Next King of India would banish you to death if a single step goes wrong.

Firstly, who are you? What is your qualification and distinction? Why shall I trust you when you say that women have been raped and there is a mass grave in Bhatta Parsaul? Do you have any substantial evidence to back your serious charges? The answer is in negative and your flip-flop post that overzealous statement is a testimony to this fact. I will not, and no Indian should, trust you blindly just because you carry that illustrious surname. You have achieved little in your life other than that scion tag and your theatrics seem to be mere eyewash.

You have a fetish for rural India and poor milieu. When you get bored, swimming in the political waters of Delhi, you swiftly retreat to a untouchable’s house in some non-descript hamlet, shake hands with villagers, carry mud on your head and spend a night there. What difference does this trip of yours make in the lives of those poor villagers? They only find themselves in the news headlines along with you.

Why is it that you take up farmers’ issues only in the states that are not ruled by your party? Is the UP land agitation the only of its kind in India? Where were you when farmers were shot at in Jaitapur, Maharashtra and in Andhra Pradesh? You don’t bother to go there just because these are congress-ruled states. You have one-point agenda in your mind: To strengthen Congress’ base in states where its clout has eroded. Nothing wrong with that, its your duty as the party’s youth leader and General secretary. But why do you 'fake' issues? Why are you hell bent on playing politics over dead farmers in UP? Why have you exaggerated the issue and made Mayawati look like Muammar Gadaffi? Rahul, you have misled the already 'lost Prime Minister' of this country, and the ignorant Indians at large.

I applauded when you took that Bombay local to defy goon politics of Shiv Sena. I liked the way you raised the issue of Kalavati in the Parliament. But you seem to have lost plot here. You are behaving like an  ill-informed kid who is dying to get his share of lolly. Truth and honesty, which made you distinct in initial stages of your political career, have deserted you. But let me remind you, Uttar Pradesh wont be reclaimed by these 'one-day retreat' dramas of yours. Mayawati is no saint. But you are no God either.

With Rancor,

A Non-Congressman


  1. what an annoying struggle is it.. carrying forward the "GANDHI" legacy, you went too colorful in bashing him (i thoroughly enjoyed the same...)

    very pertinently emoted..!!

  2. I'm a Rahul Gandhi fan but I still loved your post..great writing and well penned out thoughts.

  3. @Ram..Yes, The surname can be a pain in the ass, a liability, a responsibility, an opportunity..which ever way one takes it :))

  4. @Bhargav: The Fact that a Rahul fan liked the post, gives me immense satisfaction. Thanks a lot dear :))

  5. Bhai kya bajayi hai uski! How could I miss this one! Brilliantly written :)

  6. @Lebnox: Thanks, You must have been busy tiding the WAVES :P

  7. Well written. Brilliant post. I admire your knowledge and objectivity. :)
    All your arguments are pertinent and criticisms valid.