May 29, 2011

Cosmic Romance

I don’t know what it is
But there is a shadow behind me
Every time I fly into dazzling blue light
That gaze is uplifting, what if it’s slight

No name can justify
The bond we shared and smiles we had
Saccharine murmurs are still fresh very much
I miss your bioscopic eyes and feathery touch

Those lunar walks amid the setting sun
We chased stars, wiped out the rainbow
But one avian stunt you failed to notice
As I took Cloud Cover after planting that kiss

Love is about taking that extra mile
And we had a sky to cover
Carefree Hover, Buoyant Us
Blue was Sky, Free of Worldly Cuss

One fine day, We got a new life, supposedly a better one
But Being Human was a web of complexities
Burdened flights forced emotions to soften
We experienced Jet lag so more than often

And Then Love was interrupted
As reason controlled nonsensical heart
Soon we headed to that dreaded state of Separation
Amalgamation Aplenty Led to Sublimation

Now, Up in the heaven, I wish to call you back
But I wonder whether you would like an Afterlife
Love should give us that second chance
It's time, we rekindled our Cosmic Romance


  1. Ashish bhaiya, *bow* *bow*!! :D

    Seriously this is amazing! I read it six times back to back!

    "Love is about taking that extra mile
    And we had a sky to cover
    Carefree Hover, Buoyant Us
    Blue was Sky, Free of Worldly Cuss"

    This was superb!

    Utterly romantic prose written in an utterly romantic way! Zabardast :)

  2. Thanks Lebnox..I was skeptical..U eased the tension for me..I hope you got the 'story' behind the prose..:)

  3. I did! Absolutely! Amazing work! :)

  4. The title reminded me of kate perry's song extratresstial.......but my apologies it was nothing like was amazing ....out of the world

  5. @anubha: Did not get you..?? U liked it or u didnt?

  6. I LOVED the TITLE! :)
    Poem is excaptionally romantic & i m compltely in awwwwwwww wid it. all the paras r so pretty dat m nt able to decide which one is the best!!!

    P.S.: 1. are u actually as romantic as these peoms? :O :) being wid u fr more than 3 years now, i m quite confused bout it.
    2. What do u think and actually look while writing such spell bounding peoms? :O :)

  7. @ Soumya :Nobody knows what am I or rather How am I? My powers are unknown to the world and me :P I am the new age Hanuman ;)..and yes, I am romantic, in my own little way, every organism on this planet is romantic..J

    I am very happy that you read the poem and loved. Makes my effort worthy J Keep reading and giving your feedback J

  8. Lovely Lovely! Not a single moment of this COSMIC ROMANCE missed out to turn i into a potent mix of the most intoxicating potion of a wine called ink in the writer's quill..!! Kudos!

  9. Baap re baap! Kya deep comment hai Shikha Sadh..Thanks and m happy u liked it :)

  10. beautiful.. (i was constantly humming the same while reading and re-reading the same !!)

    this one traveled effortlessly to me.. soulful, dil-wali-kalam :)

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  13. always knew as an excellent orator...but reading this prose of yours was spellbounding.....really loved ur choice of words....and the title too.. ur words and thoughts are always indeed "out of the blue..."

  14. thank u so much vandit! I m glad u liked it! :)