May 5, 2011

Mr. Mirror

We often look into each other, our eyes meet
I glare and you pass that friendly glance
We neither converge nor tread the similar path
Why are our perspectives different?

I experience guilt and you have no remorse to show
My tears fail to make headway too
Jubilation is your muse while I sulk
Like a frowning old lady

Virtual is you they say
Your reflections are funny I feel
Sometimes I wonder
Do you know what apathy is, what’s zeal

The world outside staggers
Brilliant red blood oozes its way out
And you flatter to deceive
Showing the red rosy picture

Light is your best friend
But I want to look at you when its dark
Queries are aplenty, some lush more stark
Mr Mirror, Give me the Answer. (I am told, you don't lie too often)


  1. Ashish, Convertible was better than this one, in my opinion. Though the thoughts which this prose depicts are provoking and written beautifully. But I'd stick with my loyalty towards Convertible. It was a masterpiece.

  2. this is refreshing.. it has literature (cliche to say but the writing deserves such class) and an arty atmosphere (transforms a reader into a dedicated observer)

    ..i am enjoying the variety at display and yes very smartly/soberly used paintings, lovely :)

  3. I am also a fan of Convertible,Lebnox. Love is always beautiful. :)) This is more complex..and tried achieving few things here, goals were never set for Convertible :)) Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating ...Cheers!

  4. Ammmmmmaaaaaaaaazzzzzzziiiiiiinnnngggg :D

  5. @Ram: To get compliments from you is always special and specially when I m trying something new/differnt ... Glad that u liked the entire thing and yes, paintings do create 50% of the total euphoria...Thanks Hon-Bon :D:D

  6. @Maya: Thanks for the AMAZING comment :)):P:)

  7. Deep.. Thought Provoking.. Your sketching of the main character is Excellent.. And goes without saying.. Beautifully Written :)

  8. Thanks Gurman..I love your comments and the late entry ;) :) Thanks Bro :D

  9. I'm glad you love them :) It is my Pleasure :)