Mar 10, 2011

And we thought, winning the world cup was our birthright!

Cricket is a religion in this country, very right, but its only when you take off the spectacles of devotion from your eyes, the dark truth makes an appearance. India, for the second time in a row, made chasing a modest total look like a process as complicated as pregnancy. Bowlers leaked runs like a damaged sewer leaks water. Batsmen wobbled around as if there was an ant under their pants. All this, before a packed Kotla crowd, which in anticipation of a demolition of sorts of the Netherlands by India, had thronged the stadium.

 MS Dhoni was at loss of words while explaining India's precarious performance. His usual diplomacy did not augur well either with the fans or the media. I lauded him for deciding to field first against a somewhat dangerous Irish side. But his tactics against Netherlands were quite questionable and left me wondering whether there is a hint of arrogance under that garb of coolness.
  • Why declare that India was looking for an 'easy game' even before the first ball was bowled? Do you look for tough games when you go into field? Is not it the hope for a comprehensive victory that should drive you into the filed, every time you step in?
  • What prompted you to undermine Dutch's prowess? Does your team, at the moment, look like winning every game? No, it does not. Do you think your team can beat minnows comfortably? Wasn't Ireland a lesson? First fix your own woes, then take your oppositions lightly. A mature captain of a cricket crazy nation must not play to the gallery and declare intentions first up. Your boastfulness belittled India's effort even more!
Indian team is hugely imbalanced at the moment. It looks like a bunch of talented school kids, basking in their own little world of glories. While bowlers are absolutely clueless about their job, batsmen seem to be following their own agenda. As if a Sehwag was not 'natural' enough, we have a Pathan to accompany him. On bowling front, Piyush Chawla is being given a longer run for no reason whatsoever. Harbhajan Singh is a liability, to say the least. Time for a well-deserved reality-check!

  • Harbhajan Singh! Get a life! You are a pathetic One-Day Bowler! You don't deserve a place in playing XI. Doing monkey acts and participating in dance shows seems to have gone into your head. 2 wickets in 4 games show that you are not capable of taking wickets. You can not spin a cricket bowl. You are virtually impotent.
  • Virender Sehwag! Why do you think you are God's greatest devastating gift to planet? Why are you so arrogant and over confident? Why you seem to be in a constant hurry and anger? What's bothering you? Till when will continue playing your 'natural game'? Add some grace to your butcher ways! Sometimes you are pain to eyes!
  • Yusuf Pathan, why do you look lost while batting. Add some brain behind your raw power and you would be fine. Boundary rope is not the only thing in a cricket field. There are plenty of gaps, here and there, that are meant to be used. If you continue in this fashion, I am sorry to say, you have a short cricketing career under your sleeve.
  • Piyush Chawla! You are self proclaimed heir of Anil Kumble in this country. I learn that you are a 'young talent' since 3-4 years and are being 'groomed'. The captain seems to have a 'special liking' for you. Between all this, can you please start leg spinning, your primary job. Please get rid of your 'baby' image, when you don that blue jersey next time!
Sorry to say, this team does not have in it to lift 'the cup that matters'. However, I would like to be proven wrong. 


  1. Just because India didn't outplay minnows that convincingly doesn't mean they don't have enough oil in them...

    ....rather SA and WI encounters can give us a more clear affirmation. I am not talking patriotism but give some time and have patience, India (infact all the sub-continent teams) usually takes time to pick and i am sure India will raise their game at the right moment...

    hoping to read something positive on India from your side :)

  2. I agree with almost all the points you said. Harbhajan is indeed a liability. Piyush doesn't deserve to be in playing XI. Sehwag's arrogance and over confidence is at it's peak. And it's high time, MS Dhoni should start taking all the matches seriously.

  3. @ Ram..The problems that plague India have nothing to do with minnow teams. The lacunae would be more evident against RSA and WI. I loved this team in South Africa. But that Spark and unity is missing somehow..They dont have 'that' thing in them anymore..Hope the team regroups in time..

  4. @ Lebanox..I can see what will happen to this team in future games!

  5. absolute cracker...i agree with what u mentioned in entirety.

  6. @ Abhishek..Oh I am glad!!! But I would like to be proven wrong..:))

  7. i just want to like ram's post.

  8. @ Mihika..I want to like it too..My heart says go like it...My mind says, No! Hold On! :)

  9. @Ashish..
    This is one of ur rare opinion pieces that is highly flawed.. It's not objective at all.. U r being WAY too critical.. The bowling is impotent that's true.. But the rest of it I didn't agree with AT ALL.. N its not 1% because m a Dhoni fan..
    Hope ur not bashing Team India to attract more comments.. Coz that's not u Bro.. U do that thru sheer brilliance as it is..

  10. @ Gurman..I think that its the hardcore Indian cricket team fan that saying it..and I seriously respect it...I am fan too...and I was very very disappointed with the team since the first match..and alas it continues even today! Hope the team gives some reason to rejoice...and for objectivity, i did praise MSD in particular in a previous notice! :)