Mar 4, 2011

Of an Inspired Ireland and a timid Bangladesh!

Ireland shares a long and uncomfortable history with England. The latter has glistened in the glory of United Kingdom, conquering almost the entire world; on the other hand Irish have strived hard to maintain their separate identity, and not get bullied by their imposing neighbors. However, at the end (at least in the cricketing terms), they have made sure that the Irish coffee is not just distinct but it also tastes & smells better than English Brown Ale.

On the fateful Wednesday night, Few expected the pink-haired Kevin O'brien to turn the match around in such a belligerent fashion. At one stage, Ireland was reeling at 111-5, and most of us thought that the Irish just might have run out of their fighting steam. However, O'brein's counter-assault was brutal and devastating, and is sure to haunt the English bowlers for at least sometime. In a post-match interview, the Irish with the rockstar-looks, candidly confessed that he just gave himself a 'chance' considering that the spectators had not had their money worth so far!

And Bangalore has suddenly become the epicenter of fascinating cricket. After the high of that India-England Tie, second consecutive 'Incredible Game' unfolded at the Chinnaswamy stadium. The ordinary cricket fan in Bangalore could not have asked for a better World Cup.

Ireland have shown that they are certainly way ahead of other Associate teams in the fray. They not only have the requisite batting, bowling and fielding skills, but they also have excellent cricketing temperament and a certain zeal in their overall approach. They have come to the subcontinent with positive frame of mind and certainly mean business. The team, most importantly, comprises Irish players, there are no migrant Asians or aging West Indians. I wish the ICC takes notice of the team and presents it with a permanent ODI status.

Group B is turning out to be very tricky. England's defeat sends warning to other fancied teams and also gives hope to the likes of Bangladesh and Ireland.

But Hold on! When I started writing this article, Bangladesh won the toss and decided to bat first against West Indies, in what can be called as the first "do or die" match of the world cup. And now, as I wind up the write-up, the Tigers have folded up on a paltry 58 in mere 18.5 overs! What a shame ? I pity the fans in Mirpur! and it proves that Bangladesh still have a long long way to go. And we were just a bit over enthusiatsic in assessing their chances at this world cup. But I feel happy for Windies. Some crazy cricket expert in some crazy program, called Bangladesh the Favorites for this game! That's sheer disrespect to the West Indian legacy! and boy, how well have they responded!

The Cup Continues to surprise us. Last Night Canada almost had the better of Pakistan. The flamboyant Shahid Afridi pulled back the plugs just in time and exposed why Canada is the most pathetic of all the associate teams. There is simply no Canadian in that team! Till they find one, they will have to struggle like this!

Stay glued for more updates on what is turning out to be a DREAM WORLD CUP!


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  2. Okay, I agree Ireland played beautifully. Kevin was outstanding. But 'we are just a bit over enthusiastic in assessing their chances at this world cup' or for that matter, giving them a permanent place in ODIs. We need to be more patient.

    We definitely couldn't have asked for a better world cup!!!

    What can i say about Bangladesh? The less the better!

    P.S- When i started writing this comment, West Indians had already defeated Bangladesh in just 12 overs! :D

  3. Harsha Bhogle got a new competitor. :)

    But I don't think the match between Indies and Bangla was a do or die one!

    Ashish Anant has so many career options! :)

  4. Yes, It was a do or die match in a sense. The team which won the game has now every chance to make it to the quarters..Bangladesh is virtually knocked out coz they have little chance against teams like RSA and ENG..Both these teams had best chances against each other..

    and Plz no Harsha..He is just unmatched..Too Good..:))

  5. @ Mihika...Ireland can definitely be given more ODIs to play..They deserve it..They know how to play..I am not asking for Test Status..!

  6. Ireland one was a cracker. I felt a sense of personal revenge in their victory, hoping they won't outplay saddi hindustani team.. sunday encounter now has a charm (competitive spirit) to watch out for, surely !!

    Bangladesh was terrible, horrible and impotent. West Indies dint play that good but the other one was just so $&#@$%*....

    calculative and entertaining read !!

  7. @ Ram- I just Wish India manages to sip Irish coffee on Sunday..Suddenly the match has some real good charm about it..

    Thanks Ram..:):*