Mar 7, 2011

MSD 'The Leader' Impressed me..(Ind Vs Ireland)

Yesterday, MS Dhoni impressed me first up. His decision to bowl first after winning the toss was excellent and well thought of , it smelled of chanakyaneeti. He fizzled out half of the Irish Challenge by not batting first. Remember, Ireland, and most of the underdogs, fancy their chances while chasing a total. Whether they have to chase 250 or 350, they play their 'natural game', without fear of losing. Once the task of 'setting a target' is assigned to them, they start doubting their abilities. Also, Ireland was fresh from its conquest of Mount England, and would have loved to chase, come what may.

Dhoni's decision might have disappointed the fans who wanted to see another Sachin epic or Sehwag blitzkrieg, but the eventual result must have delighted them. Also, by bowling first, Dhoni gave a chance to his off-color bowlers to get some groove ahead of business end of the tournament. Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer looked very impressive, and this augurs well for India in future.

Though, I am not very much fond of this lad from Ranchi, but this single decision has forced me to respect his leadership skills even more. It was a well-calculated decision by the skipper, which is sure to benefit the team. Yes, Ireland did offer great resistance and tried their best to topple Dhoni's calculations, but at the end India were the better team and deserved full points from the game. 

Ireland might have lost the game but have won millions of hearts across the cricketing world. They continue to get better and better with every game and the call for granting them full ODI Status is bound to get shriller and louder.

Meanwhile, South Africa imploded, much to my fear. RSA's loss to England was yet another instance of its vulnerability and inability to handle tensed situations. By far, they looked the best team in the tournament, but yesterday's defeat makes them look very ordinary. On the other hand, England continues to surprise me. Their rise and fall and rise, is somewhat like classic English literature. It has aura, romanticism and dignity around it. 

The Cup is only 'quarter full'. Much more yet to come. Stay glued!


  1. O captain, mY captain....

    Pleasant to see you writing something good on MSD. The toss thing was some alert and looked very crafty but all credit to Ireland for winning the respect. I would love to see them in quarters, they worth it b/w Indian bowling was a big yawn....

    Eng-SA was a stunner. I was thrilled throughly and it has made the coming Ind-Sa encounter more entertaining.

    (...the best part about your world-cup coverage is that i can relish the highlights of previous matches too in your archival column).