Mar 2, 2011

SRK-Martin Scorsese Coming Together ?

Source: The Hindustan Times

If rumours are to be believed, SRK has roped in the legendary Martin Scorsese to co-produce his dream Bollywood-Hollywood project, Xtrme City. Courtesy SRK's friend and Ra.One screenwriter Mushtaq Shiekh, Xtrme City is already making waves for its international cast and crew.

Reportedly, Scorsese will co-produce along with David Weisman. The film also stars Leonardo DiCaprio.

Shiekh confirmed to Mid Day, "It's true. We are all elated. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. Martin loved the script and it meant the world to me as the writer of the film along with Paul Schrader. But when he comes in as the producer of the project, then I am thrilled as it takes the film to another level completely. Inshaallah, all goes well from here onwards. Fingers and all parts of the body crossed."
After many delays and glitches, the project is finally underway. A source told the tabloid, "The sheer logistics of merging two great film-making cultures seemed overwhelming, until a secret meeting took place on February 12 at last year's Berlin Film Festival between SRK, Leo, Martin, David, Paul and Karan Johar when Shah Rukh was in Berlin for the world premiere of My Name Is Khan and the H-Town actor-director duo were there for the premiere of their Shutter Island premiere the following night."
SRKThe meeting between the cinema stalwarts from differnt parts of the globe was a high-energy affair. The source added, "The meet-and-greet over coffee was simply intended to break the ice between the international artists who admired and respected each other's work. It quickly turned into a high-energy encounter. Topics of discussion included Scorsese's love for Bollywood cinema and the need for the preservation of its classic works." The Xtrme City screenplay was officially presented to SRK, Martin and DiCaprio. "Apparently, the camaraderie evolved from that event. The bonding between the superstars took everyone by surprise."

If all goes well, the dream Bollywood-Hollywood project will finally happen.


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    Ashish, do you know who is Martin Scorsese? I am so thrilled to hear this news after an year. Last year, rumors were rife that Leo, SRK, Paul Paul Schrader and legendary Martin Scorsese, but nothing happened after that. Paul Paul Schrader is the one who made Robert De Niro, what he is today. He wrote the script of TAXI DRIVER and many other movie scripts for Scorsese and all out did each movie. Martin Scorsese is one of my personal favorites for he made, Gangs of New York, Goodfellas, Taxu Driver, The Departed, Raging Bull, Casino and many others! If all goes well and these people come together I myself will treat at any place of your choice!!! :) :D

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    excitement me itne typos ho gaye! :P

  3. I hope the news stands true..and yes I get treated..:)