Mar 24, 2011

Something for you..Dada..

My life was in single digits, when I first saw you on TV. You sported a thin mustache, were very reserved and focused. Your ability to pierce the off-side field, almost at will, amazed me. I loved your style of play, those lofted sixes over long-on and long off. On off-side, you were better than God. (Sorry, Rahul Dravid)

You single-handedly demolished Lanka in that 1999 world cup league match. Your 183 was enough for me to subscribe to cricket forever and spend rest of my life as your 'fan'.

You took on the reins of Indian team when its ship was rocked by a devastating fixing scandal. Like a meticulous potter, you molded this team into a 'team' from a mere bunch of talented cricketers. You emerged as a feisty leader, a fiery spokesman and a remarkable motivator. You gifted India with the likes of Zaheer, Harbhajan and Sehwag. That fist of yours, with a sacred thread around it, resembled the new India, ready & willing to kick some ass.

You were the first Indian to get inside the skin of the Australians. Sadly, Steve Waugh would never add you as a friend on Facebook. 

Then came that fateful day of March 2003. Having spearheaded India's brilliant campaign in the world cup, you had every right to romance that trophy. You had spent sleepless nights, given your heart and soul for this very occasion. 

But history missed a tryst with you. It was a terrible loss. Indians can never forget it.

Destiny was also harsh on the other two of the famed troika. Thankfully, one of the them is still there, with his head held high and bat firmly in his hand, to settle the scores. And I am sure, he will play for his pride, his opening-mate's revenge and most importantly, for the hopes of a billion of fans.

Time has given us a chance. They are not as fearsome as they were in 2003, but it neither washes away their sins nor does it undermine the seriousness of the ambition. Their brutal conquest, is what I seek.

I have kept fasts to ensure that you make runs. And let me tell you, I am a big foodie. I have cried when you have failed or suffered humiliation. Like a maniac, I argued with my friends to ensure that you get rightful respect in their hearts. Your comeback saga vindicated me. You proved to the world that fighters don't go in oblivion easily, they resurrect every time doomsday is predicted. 

Your career was spectacular, but these aussies deprived you of a jewel in the crown. You don't say it, but I know and can feel your pain.

I wish India to win tomorrow's game for your sake. I wish your ex-opening-mate slaps every Aussie bowler with his batting genius. For me, 'half the cup would be full' by "Aussie Conquest" on March 24, 2010.


  1. A wonderful piece .. never thought about him this way. I liked him but it was only restricted to claps and jumps on his shots and few @#$%^%$#@ on his failure... this developed a new empathy towards him.
    :) :)

  2. Thanks Purwa..I just wish the team wins tomorrow..that too in style..Dada's pride would be restored..:))

    Thanks for reading n commenting..D

  3. dude even I love Ganguly and want India to win. the blog is nicely written and the use of words is damn good. It is always nice to read your stuff. good going dude. .

  4. Thanks a lot Avijit..:)) Dada is our hearts..:D:D

    Glad that u read the post and liked it..Thanks again..!!

  5. Nice post again Ashish!! Liked it to the core!! But don't you think it's a little too much biased towards dada? Anyway, even if it is, it is superbly written. And I am too anticipating India to thwart the Aussies!! :)

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  7. "dil-wala-note"... !!

    It may sound a little rhetoric but thanks for writing this one SIR.. earlier i used to feel proud and affectionate towards Ganguly but u gorgeously went personal on him..

    I am all numb now yet feeling inspired but seeking the romance of patriotism from him (honestly, i mean it..). KUDOS

  8. @ Naman..Its a personal post. from a fan to his idol. Its emotional sans stats and analysis. Glad that u liked it!!

  9. @ Ram..Thank you so much buddy. We have seen his fall and rise together..and we share a certain and respect for him!!! I am honored by ur comment..Truely..:):)

  10. and yes last night, i was very emotional over him..felt pride and agony simultaneously..its very first tribute to DADA..:))

  11. u knw what...i had stopped watchin cricket,right 2rm d day....sourav was out of the indian 2day aftr yrs whn india thrashed confidence rgardin india is back:)

  12. @! So u r a Saurav fan too! Yes, my interest in cricket also dipped after he retired..but now things r looking brighter..:))

  13. MAGNIFICENT piece.. Straight from the Heart..
    And it touched my Heart..
    Solid observation forms the core and lovely heart felt emotion forms the body of this piece.. Loved and enjoyed it..!

    PS - We Did It!! :-D Revenge!! And Historieee!! :)!

  14. Thanks Gurman..:))) and yes, we have taken our revenge...and it was an amazing feeelingggg..:D:D:D:

  15. We will remember this till we die.. And will reminisce about this day FONDLY :D when we are old.. :)!

  16. I can very well imagine you writing this strong piece of note. I knw wat u feel fr dada. India proved it to those fuckards this tym!!! Saurav Ganguly urf Dada remained n will continue to remain in our hearts till the end.!

    Commendable nOte Ashish Anant! :)

  17. Yes, dada will always remain our hearts and that win over australia was incredible..Thanks for reading Soumya..:)