Jul 3, 2011

My Life is an Open (Face)book

Life has always taught me to 'Shut Up'. So, I remain mum when I see someone getting ill treated. I do not raise my voice when I am unhappy with what my government is doing. I also remain tight lipped when I am upset with my friends and family. Needless to say, I switch to hibernation mode, when I have a nasty fight with my girlfriend.

But, this is not the case anymore. I am not spineless. Now, I have an opinion, I have an ass and I flaunt it. Shamelessly. You see, this world has two kinds of people. One who die without making any noise. And Others, who die trying to make some noise. I belong to the second category. So, right from shit schedule in the early morning to the late night good bye, everything is there on Facebook. It is a small little world of mine, where I feel happy, where I feel I 'belong'.

You can call me addicted or term me as a wannabe. But I do not have any regrets. I already had my share of regrets. Now, I 'share' my regrets and my friends 'like' it. Each like makes me feel better. A virtual euphoria shoes away the misery, just like wind sweeps dark clouds off the sky.

This world gives you ample reason to rejoice. And also there are occasions when you feel lonely, devastated, filthy and disgusted. One can not expect to have a support or a friend by his/her side on all of these occasions. Life is a long, tumultuous journey, which is often (and perhaps best) traveled alone. It is during those moments of jubilation and disappointment that you require a book, Facebook to be precise, by your side.

You just had an amazing dinner after long, tiring day at office. Put this as your status on Facebook, and you realize that the dinner gets yummier and the tiredness evaporates. You are furious with the way this government functions or a policeman asks you for a bribe. Vent out your anger on Facebook, you never know ripples may reach the echelons of rich and mighty. Remember, Egypt was liberated and Anna was made a hero, right here, on Facebook.


I was talking about my life. My life being an open (face)book.

कुछ समय बाद...

  • Just got my 'dream job'. Easily the happiest day of my life :-)
  • There is no better feeling than Gifting your parents a new car :-)
  • Hmmmphhh. Getting your family's consent for marrying the girl of your choice is a pain in ass. :O
  • Finally, Everyone has said 'yes'. :-)
  • is married <3
  • is soon going to be a Dad :D
  • Anxious. In Hospital. Stay tuned for updates :P
  • is a proud daddy of a sweet angel. :D
  • had a terrible fight with my wife over Angel's nappy changing schedule :X
Its a whole new world out there. You and your dreams. Your happiness, your sorrows. Some Likes, No Dislikes. It doubles your joy and divides your pain. A rare level-ground in this world of glorious contrasts. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is a 'Friend'.

If I had my way, I would call it Sir Facebook, Lord Facebook. Whatever. Call it Loner's Paradise. Social's Bliss. Again Whatever.

'Comment' and 'Share'.


  1. Bahaut dino baad, I actually LOVED your post! Itni smiles shayad hi kisi post ne di hongi! I'm sure everybody will relate to this post.

    "I've an ass and I flaunt it."
    Make sure it doesn't become an solar eclipse :P

  2. aah..virtual world is full of grace !!

    super write-up as usual, loved the way you twisted this note (those hospital montages :D :D), felt fresh.. cheers :)

  3. Such a sweet post...i loved ur future statuses ...started even thinking wat i would comment on them ;) :D

    TOO GOOD :))

  4. @ Ram: Cheers Mate. Thanks for Reading :)

  5. @Shikha: True Facebookie you are. I will wait for your lightening fast likes on all my 'future' status updates :D I am glad you liked it :)

  6. Is life really so stale that Facebook is so badly required??

  7. Depends. Either stale or fresh. You Log in or Log out. Decision is yours.

  8. I'm in awe with your write-up skills. Simple words - explicit explanations... Kudos! :)

  9. @Prateek..My God! Thank U so Much :) Means a lot :D

  10. Ashish you always comes with sumthing refreshing.....then that may be someone's enact, jokes or blogs....vry refreshing just like ur post...

  11. Hey Thank You So Much Alka. Keep Following the Blog. Thanks a lot :)

  12. " Now, I 'share' my regrets and my friends 'like' it "
    gud one!!!