Jul 29, 2011

When Harry Met Joanne - 2

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"Listen. Consider me your friend. I know that you are going through a really tough phase. But it is important that you do not lose hope.” Harry was exhausting all of his convincing abilities.

“Harry. What? Yeah, Potter! How on earth do you think you know so much about me? You just mentioned my surname? Did not you?” Joanne said in a semi-shocked voice.

“How I know, is not important at the moment. You will know that yourself, before anyone else! But, I have come here to talk to you. So please, for heaven’s sake, lets try and add some value to this, otherwise worthless journey.” Harry was pleading, almost.

Joanne looked at Harry Potter. There was an urgency, gratitude and truthfulness in his green eyes. Suddenly, Joanne felt more assured, as if she could rely on him. After all, she was, indeed, not in the best frame of mind. She wanted to talk to somebody. How dearly has she missed her mother, all this while.

The train was now hissing through picturesque English countryside. Joanne noticed that the sun was battling hard against the clouds and the snow. The white world outside, now, had a pinch of warmth to it.

“Joanne, I know it’s a terrible feeling when you don’t have your mother by your side. I have no memory of my mother spending time with me, taking care of me, holding my hands when I needed support, comforting me when I was in pain. All I remember is that she loved me a lot. And she sacrificed herself for my sake. I am nothing but personification of her undying love.” Harry had mist in his eyes.

Joanne’s face turned paler with every word from Harry’s mouth. How did he know about her mother’s sad demise? How could he, so strongly, feel her agony? But this emotion of surprise was accompanied with further sense of assurance. She, now, wanted to talk.

“I have not talked to anyone about this before. But, yes, I miss my mother a lot. She was a very brave woman. 10 years, she fought with that awful disease. It was a pity to see her in so much of pain. And, all I could do was nothing. I blame myself for not being able to save her.” Joanne, finally, was talking.

“Why blame yourself? Your mother fought like a true warrior and you supported her throughout. You can not change destiny. Death is God’s prerogative. He takes away most of the good things from our lives, so that we can evolve better.”

"But, this is not entirely true! I could have saved my mother, had I had some money with me! A bankrupt, nearly non-existent daughter is all that my mother got. What’s the point of living such a life?"

"And, so you thought, why not end this life. Joanne,  you contemplated suicide, did not you?"

Joanne Rowling resembled a human body, freshly struck by lightning. As a spontaneous reaction, she adjusted her clothes, fearing Harry could see through them.


P.S. : This post is inspired by some 'real life events'. Fictional situations have been created as per literary convenience. 


  1. Story going enthralling. The way you expressed the reactions was simply awesome. Actually, I was able to visualize there gestures. MAGIC is emerging! :P Looking forward for the next one!!! :))

  2. Thank You Prateek..Glad that u finding it interesting :) just trying to get inside Joanne..Author needs her share of fame ;)

  3. I must admit I'm a fan of the way you're taking the story forward! Some of the lines were amazing! Keep em coming :)

  4. Thanks Lebnox. You 'Fan'-cying me,means a lot ;) :)

  5. Intriguing :D
    Waiting for the next part..
    But I didn't like the reproachfulness in Harry's last line.

  6. Thanks Gurman for reading. :)) Did not get what you trying to say abt the last line..:O Please elaborate more :)