Jul 15, 2011

The Usual Suspects

No, it can’t be destiny
It was never meant to be with me
No, it can’t be irony
You need a meaning for that to be

I am sixty-year young
And I bleed blue
But all this while
Blood has gained a red hue

Inflicted pain, the recurring remorse
I have taken it all in due course
My modesty is often outraged
And I feel like a bird who is caged

What shames me is not the pain
Nor does anyone’s loss or gain
The fact that we often take it in stride
A feeling that we could have better tried

Pointing fingers is all we do
Some throw a bomb, we flung a shoe
Why we fail to nail the issue
Grope in the dark to find the clue

Blame it on history or someone’s felony
Innocents die, all we express is agony
Malice is stretched out wide with deeper root
Leaves are green, that healthy red shoot

You shroud it with mystery, calls of whodunit
And Find heavy black bag with electric circuit
Wait till dogs bark or intelligence intercepts
Till then we can blame The Usual Suspects


  1. Very nicely written! You pointed out all the points people need to ponder and how we feel and how people should take actions! A serious but must-read post for everyone!

    PS: I know nothing about poetry, but felt like it could have been even better if you had not tried to make the words rhyme!

  2. Thank You Lebanox :) Glad someone finally commented :P wil keep ur point in mind. Thanks :))

  3. As always very composed, honest lines.
    I feel that use of little simple words could have increased the very much impression needed. :)
    Overall, surely a must-read post.

  4. Well written..can feel the pain and agony.

  5. It's sad and too doleful to see what has been happening again and again.. i often feel fear (and that's scary) while walking on the road these days.. :O :O

    .. the write-up was power-packed and full of questions, your pain was pretty evident..

  6. That you were able to express such a sad topic in prose is a good accomplishment..
    Loved it.. Well described..
    The title and the way you connected it with the piece.. Works like a charm! ;)

  7. Hey Guys Thanks a lot. :) Ram, Gurman, Prateek, Avijit..Hope things would be better..we will have peace around someday :)

  8. Special Thanks Gurman..:) Your thoughts boost my efforts :D Prateek..Would keep ur suggestion in mind :)

  9. Congrats....you have been awarded:



  10. Hey Mansi!! Thank You So much! :D Did not notice before so the late comment...What am i supposed to do now..?? Please guide me seasoned blogger ;):)