Jul 12, 2011

What Makes Wimbledon Great?

Royalty does seem to be a ‘served in a platter’ kind of affair in modern times. But there are numerous responsibilities and traditions that come attached with a royal title. British Royal Family is undoubtedly the most sought after, well recognized and still the most respected of the all royal families across the world. The pride and belonging-ness that people associate with the Family was well on display during the historical wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton. Some look at the Royal Family in awe, some with anger while most just admire this cherished tradition.

Wimbledon is one such glittering tradition and extraordinary sporting event that revels in Royal Patronage. It is not just one of the four Grand Slam Tournaments of tennis, but it also happens to be the most coveted, prestigious and, of course, the oldest of them all. The green grass cover, pleasant London afternoon and the general courteousness all around transport you into a very simple and uncomplicated world. In this era, when tennis has become increasingly professional, players have become loud (pun intended), their outfits louder and advertisers have made heavy inroads (just like any other sport), Wimbledon comes as a breathe of fresh air. It reminds you of one of those classic Hollywood musicals from the 60s.

Wimbledon is a purist’s last straw, that has managed to keep itself afloat despite gigantic changes all around. The very term ‘Lawn Tennis’ would have become redundant without Wimbledon’s grassy surface. It reminds us of the roots of tennis, grass, from where it all started. Add to it the strict dress code for competitors, the spectators feasting on strawberries and cream , and you have a perfect blend of modern sport and old values.

But all of the tradition may not be relevant in the modern times and All England Club got it right when it decided to present both Ladies and Gentlemen events winner with equal prize money. And if you thought absence of sponsor advertising around the courts indicated lack of popularity of the event amongst sponsors, then you are wrong. This also forms core of the 'Wimbledon tradition'. 

Oz and US Open (Hard Courts) test a player’s power and hitting prowess. French Open (Clay) tests a player’s resilience, both mental and physical. Wimbledon, on the other hand, celebrates craft and skill of a Tennis Player. So Pete Sampras resembled a romantic prose when he was on song. Federer displayed monk like calmness and skill of a meticulous potter. Novak, the latest Victor, was poise personified and elegant to the core in his conquest of the muscular Nadal, the most ‘unconventional’ winner of the Championships.

From Renshaw to Djokovic, the Wimbledon has always patronized players with greatest skills and acumen. If the 4 slams of Tennis were like 4 Houses of Hogwarts, Wimbledon would easily be Gryffindor, where courage, bravery, loyalty, nerve and chivalry are valued. Where history is not created rather it becomes a part of it. Its amazing to see how each year 'white' comes and conquers us all in this beautiful, colorful world. Few sporting events in this world match Wimbledon's impeccable 'repeat value' and immaculate 'prestige'. 

This Makes Wimbledon Great. All of this. And Much More.

P.S. Title of the Post is 'inspired' by Wimbledon's Official Timekeeper's ad campaign. 


  1. I'm not a tennis fan but I certainly liked this post! Now I know the reason why you people are mad over this sport! And the comparison with Hogwarts House was the best part! Royal post :)

  2. I love it Dude! :D
    Because I Love Wimbledon! :D
    Beautifully articulated, and so damn Apt!
    Loved the last line! :)
    Wimby <3

  3. @ Lebnox: Thanks! Do Me a Favor. Watch it Next Year, Then I will believe you liked the post :P and yes I like the Hogwarts thing too :))

  4. @gurman: trust me dude, this post has made me work hard like no other post :O. Wanted to write so much, was thinking too much and finally could come up with this :P Not my best foot, certainly, But I am glad to have posted it and happy that you liked it :)

    Wimby <3

  5. And this also affirms my belief that writing on sports is perhaps the toughest :O or say trickiest ;)

  6. Well I'd say this is a Great piece.. The right angles, well described for the reader.. The Hard Work paid off! :)
    Yeah that is so.. There are so many angles you don't quite know at first which ones to pick and where to fit them!

  7. aah.. royal !!

    ..though i am not a watcher of this sport but the note was just too royal in its body of writing (may look glossy to you but i felt subtle gentleman-ship while reading the above piece)

    I am planning to watch the next yrs wimbledon after all what i hv seen and heard on fb.. (curious case.. :P)

  8. @Ram: hahaha..Really? :P Thanks for the praise..Do follow Tennis, its a nyc sport :))