Jul 24, 2011

When Harry Met Joanne -1

She was pretty, if one ignored dark circles below the bluish eyes and the graying hair, which was neatly tied just below her shoulder. Her personality was totally unassuming, she was one of those several average looking women, whom you may not bother to give a second look. She occupied a window seat of the 4-hours delayed Manchester-London Mail.

Joanne was lost and irritated. Irritated because of the delayed journey and lost because she has always been like that. The freezing weather outside, made her mood worse. She looked at the window pane and white world outside. For a moment, she felt as if happiness and hope were sucked out of her soul.

“Hey, Can I sit here?”

A young man in his late teen, with twinkling green eyes, untidy black hair and a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead was standing in front of Joanne. She just nodded and the 'man with the scar' enthusiastically took the seat in front of her.

 Hi, I am Harry. Harry Potter.” He stretched out his hand.

“I am Joanne.” She did not shake hands.

The frozen countryside flashed through train’s window. Mercury seemed to dip a notch further. Harry Potter took off his jacket and casually put it aside. A stick peeped out of one of its pockets.

“You look tensed. May I know why?”

“No, I am absolutely fine. And I am afraid; I don’t see any reason why shall I tell you, even if I am tensed.” Joanne shot back.

“Because, I can do Magic” Harry Winked.

Joanne passed a wry smile. She wondered why this young man was showing interest in her. She was not used to attention from opposite sex, she was never ‘hit’ upon, either in college or at workplace. Her slate was absolutely clean. And uninteresting.

After looking at her strange co-passenger for good ten seconds, she looked away. “See, I know what bothers you. But, this is not the way, you should deal with it.” Harry said with a bit of concern in his voice.

“Really! I don’t know who you are or what interests you in me. But I am seriously not interested in your magical stuff. I have lot many things in my life to deal with. And, this journey is surely not doing any good to me or my mood. So would please try and not bother me!” Joanne said with remarkable restrain in her voice.

"What a pity. The creator is not interested in the creation. Interesting." Harry murmured while looking away.

“I beg your pardon!”

"Ummm. Nothing. Joanne. I know its difficult for you to connect with me right now. But I am here to help you. To help a person, to whom I owe my existence and this entire bloody stardom."

"I am not getting a word of what you are saying. Either you are playing some prank or this obnoxious journey has damaged your grey cells!" Joanne was on verge of losing her cool.

"Look, I am ahead of your time. You will know ‘this’ me, may be, 20-22 years later.  But for the moment, I want to talk to you. I want to fix that one bit of ‘patchy’ past you had. I owe it you. I mean, I have been into memories of several people. But this time, I am inside your memory, Joanne Rowling, I want to see you happy."

"Are you Insane?"



  1. Awesome! The ending took me by surprise! The idea behind this post is very original and exciting. Eagerly waiting to see how Harry gets himself infused inside Joanne's head and how everything shapes up! :)

  2. Thanks Lebnox. :) Was very skeptical about this post. This one drained me completely and the headache did no good :P and Yes, Thanks a ton for your valuable inputs before the post was 'posted' :)

  3. Vodafone Types..Always ready to help :)

  4. Brilliant concept! From where do you get such ideas, Ashish?

    Though i have never waited for HP movies but already waiting for the part 2 of this post. Eagerly :)

  5. @ shikha: Thank You! Happy that the post was liked by not so much HP fan kind of a person..:))

    And for the idea..I have a storehouse ;) Rahasyamayi Tehkhana :P :D

  6. Superbb! The last line was surely a sudden blow. :P Aah! Ashish Anant writing the fate of two BIG magicians, that sounds damn interesting.
    Eagerly waiting for the next one. Keep up the GOOD work. :))

  7. Hey Thanks Prateek :)) Your comment is exactly what I wanted ;) Already nervous for the next part..Do read :))

  8. What did I tell you Ashish Anant :D

  9. aww loved it ashi ... at the end it brought out probably close to tears since i still couldnt get over tht its end of hp ..but u have given me a new lease of hope...something to look forward tooo ...i m ready to plunge in the world just dont stop in between like u did with celestial towers ...

  10. Sanjivani SharmaJuly 25, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    I'll be really honest with you. Half way through your post I was in absolute confusion as to why you would write something like this. I felt like too much of praise has spoiled you perhaps! But the end took me by a total surprise.It made me want to read more........
    Harry potter in itself is so diverse and complete that it takes actual courage to write something on it, that wouldnt disappoint its readers. I wonder if JK Rowling herself would ever attempt that?
    I underestimated you this time Anant. Apologies! You are a fabulous Writer(a daring one too).And yeah you have now proved your worth as a true HP fan. Kidding! Keep it up! :)
    PS. Waiting for the next part eagerly! :)

  11. I am not an ardent Potter fan but my reactions is almost the same as of sanjivni.. i too was wondering half way ho kya rha hai but at the end.. the sheer grace of ur narrative hooked me..

    awesome.. (i tried thinking new adjectives but somehow i was repeating this word only... again and again after reading) :D :D

  12. @Anubha: Thanks dear. We all have a special emotional connect with HP and I am glad this post helped to rewind some moments. But let me tell you, this is no celestial towers..It wont go on and on..This is just a small tribute..at least i have tried it..matter of a max two more posts//:)))

  13. @Sanjivani: Thanks HP Fan..and I dont blame you for thinking that praise had gone to my head...Mid way thru the post, true HP fans may think what am I upto..:) Glad that u liked it in totality..and yes writing this was torcherous for me..:)

  14. @Ram: Thanks Bud :D..You always make me feel good..and do become a HP addict..Highly recommended :)

  15. I was disappointed with the whole of it, till I got to the penultimate line.
    Fantastic outline, Mr. Henry. :D
    I'm intrigued, waiting for the next part eagerly! ;) :)

  16. And yeah, I second Sanjivani in the strongest way.. Ditto!

  17. I knew a Potter Fan would not exactly like reading it. Coz a Potter fan did not enjoy writing it. He wrote it just as a tribute to the 'creator' more than the creation.But I am glad u read it Gurman. :) Hope the next part pleases u. :D and how is Henry :O

  18. Famed yesteryear Writer, O. Henry - He is known for his surprise endings. ;) :)