Jul 14, 2011

Why Mumbai? Again and Again!

Five terror attacks in less than two decades. Since March 1993, Mumbai has periodically witnessed terror attacks. The immediate backdrop to the 1993 blasts was the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the riots in the city. Why is the city being targeted again and again?

Mumbai is a thickly populated city that has a large 'floating' population. People come in and go out of the city frequently. Making it very vulnerable to terror strikes.

Cities like Mumbai and Delhi will always be prime terror targets. Mumbai is India's financial capital. An attack in the city would shock the nation as well as attract global attention.

Due to high population density, the terrorists get their desired 'impact'. Number of casualties rises; even a low intensity blast can claim numerous lives.

As rightly put by a former official, "The population of the city makes it an easy target for the terrorists. The idea behind these kinds of terrorism is to spread fear. As such, the target of the terrorists is the average citizen, which is not difficult in Mumbai."

Also, the floating population in Mumbai is high, which makes policing a tough job. “It is difficult to put in place long-term safeguards in a city like Mumbai and the police have to rely largely on the network of informers and intelligence inputs,” she added.

But does this mean we will have to live with this 'reality'? Should we think, just like rains, Mumbai would have its share of annual terror attack?

I am too shocked and hurt to think of a solution.

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P.S.: Mumbai, famous of for its unshakable spirit, has already taken the attack in its stride. BEST buses and local trains are bustling with passengers, the overnight rain has washed away the blood, healed the wound. Perhaps.

(With Inputs from Hindustan Times)

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